3 Ways One Cover-Up (Look #3 NightingGal)

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Working that beach cover up at night may seem a little out of the box, but as we like to think at Polished for Pennies, potential lies in everything and it’s all about how you look at something! So if you look at that beach cover up as more of a tunic, your mind will get it! You’ll stop looking at it by where and how it should be styled, and get your mind thinking how it COULD be styled! So here I took that $19.99 crisp and fresh cover up from Marshalls and paired it with a fresh white pair of cotton shorts for $5 at H&M and matching white sports bra from Marshalls for $11.99. The same base I used in my “off the plane look”, which by the way, you could totally add a neutral slip or thin dress underneath, or a lace bra for more sultry night time appeal!

Then I just added some fierce night time POP, like Brian Atwood strappy leather and gold platforms and the piece de resistance… MY VINTAGE GEODE BELT! Cinching your waist for nighttime is a great way to feel like a woman! A belt will accentuate your shape and take that tunic from flowy to more fit and sexy! But a look like this doesn’t take a lot of styling or thought, it just takes some inspiration and a trip to your own closet or jewelry box to get creative and feel confident! Perfect for a summer weekend, this look is easy, transformed, and Polished for Pennies!

Would you give this look a whirl Gals? Let me know! Or if you have any ideas, comments, or questions feel free to email me at polishedforpennies@gmail.com

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