ThrowBack Thursday* 3 Ways to POP that Party Dress




When dressing for a party, we love POP! And sometimes just a dose of it does wonders to your look! Here are three simple ways we brought the golden goodness to PolishedN’s playful neon party dress! P.S~ these three tips will be great to layer the POP on any dress!

  1. Using a sequin bolero, we gave her two looks… One look was to wear the bolero as you normally would behind your back and then we switched things up and had her wear it in the front for something different! Switching things up and playing with your wardrobe, some may view as madness, but we think sometimes it can be genius!! The tip here though is to keep in mind that layering a sequin jacket, bolero, or wrap can take a dress to new heights and really dress things up! Also, who doesn’t love to add MORE glitz and glitter!
  2. DSC_0404
  3. Cluster your arm candy: Since it’s party time you want to feel decadent and glam! So, we say layer on your jewels for a crusty arm band of gorgeous. We even used a necklace in this look wrapped around PolishedN’s wrist and a vintage watch. So have fun with it! Layering on your jewels in a cool combo, whether it’s complimentary metals, or your vintage fav’s will have your wrist POPPING with style! DSC_0396
  4. Finally that party shoe! Whether it’s a summer soiree during the day or candlelight cocktail reception at night we want to see you shine! We want to see you sparkle! So add that sparkle to your toesies with a little glitter! We used a glittered pump on PolishedN, but even if glitter pumps weren’t your thing… why not some glitter nail polish? Definitely a Polished for Pennies option! DSC_0294

Using these three tips, having a little fun, and packing your confidence with you for party time, we guarantee you will be shining, stunting, and styling at your next party with POP!


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