$6 Floral Arrangement

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When you’re entertaining and you’re looking to make it memorable, don’t think that money has to do with it. Sometimes it’s just the simple things that make statements! Check it out! How cool is this modern, multiple, flower vase from Marshalls? For $5.99, it served as the perfect centerpiece for my table and was something that the Gals noticed, but I should mention… it had the guys talking too! My brother said, “Oh look, how cool is that!” Yeah! Seriously, and we were even eating some beautiful meat and seafood and his eyes gravitated towards the flower arrangement! That says something! Not many guys will notice, but when you’re getting compliments from manly men, you know you’re doing something right and that $5.99 was pennies well spent!

We decided to use a single stem flower and two of each kind, in each opening. Here we did roses and hydrangeas, but this was just what we had on hand. You could totally use all of the same flower, or even fresh herbs! But have fun with it and use that golden eye of yours to POP your table-scape! The point here Gals, is once again you don’t have to be perfect or rich to look Polished, you just need a few shiny pennies and some confidence!

Btw, that wood under the centerpiece is not really wood… it’s a printed wrapping paper! For more on how to do this CLICK HERE!

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