A Brush Set to Make You Blush!

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Gal Pals! It’s been a while I know and I’ve missed you!!

A few amazing things have happened in these past two months that I’ve really been super focused on, like GETTING ENGAGED (holy moly lol), but more details to come on all of those amazing things, but for now speaking of amazing things, I’m back with a brand new post on a brand new set of essentials that any P4P Gal Pal should have in her life… this 14 piece MAKEUP BRUSH set from BH Cosmetics!

For $22.00 you can not beat this rose gold inspired array of facial, eye, and lip brushes to POP into your make up routine! They are super pretty, perfect for my sensitive skin and yours because they are synthetic, and Polished for Pennies!

Due to my on-air job at CBS3, it’s so important to use brushes that are great quality, but I’m usually not willing to spend $65 a brush! These have been a fantastic and affordable makeup buy that I bet you will love too! Did I also mention you get a case to go with it and each of the 14 brushes are individually wrapped?! Score! Let me know if you love them too…

Penny for Thought: Bought my makeup brush holder, which is an antique glass vase, from the Good Will! Try taking inexpensive things like your make up brushes and make them feel elegant but just adding a touch of Heavy like a weighted vase, wine glass, or mason jar! That’s Luxury living for less!


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