A Golden Gathering


Gals it’s so important for you to remember around the holiday season and really any season that your experience is what you make it. As they say, “life is but a dream. It’s what you make it.” Whether you live in a mansion, an apartment, a twin, or a dorm… You always have the option to view your space with potential and resource something remarkable and polished even on pennies.

We are super proud, for sort of a golden year for our P4P sister Cristi. An engagement and house all wrapped up into a beautiful new chapter on her journey! So was does a sister do? Well we ransack her new home, take over, and throw a Polished for Pennies Party of course! Just kidding she was involved… I’m not a total control freak 😉

Anywho, we want to show you all that you can have a gorgeous golden gathering on a few shiny pennies, even if you only have a folding table to start!  We designed this post using things Cristi already had in her home and a few things I bought at the dollar store, Marshalls, and Homegoods! And just by the photo above and even below this Golden Gathering had to be just as fabulous as our golden haired sister.


Since PolishedC just bought her home, we used a plastic folding table in her dining room with a few folding chairs, and basically anything else we could use as a seat. Like a small sofa at the head of the table and even a cream bench that’s been over at our house for years. Which may I add, I used to hate! But I’m happy my Mom held onto it because it worked perfectly for little sissy’s soiree. Just goes to show moms are always right.

Anywho, obviously our table had to be Gold Dipped December inspired and since we love a good wrapping paper as a table cloth, that’s what we did! We found a gorgeous golden wrap at Marshalls for $5.99! We layered underneath a simple neutral table cloth and then basically used the wrap as a runner. Luckily the wrap was the exact measurement of the table! What’s even better… clean up is a breeze!


HaHaHa Crist… yes you are so clever in your vintage dress lol… Speaking of clever, PolishedC bought beautiful wine glasses at Homegoods that she’s holding in her left hand. They are silver and swirled and the inside is painted gold! Now since we didn’t have a full set for everyone, we bought a few more wine glasses that were gold on the outside for $4 a piece on clearance at Homegoods. Mixing and matching can be a lifesaver for a party of many when you have matching that are few 🙂


Since we’re talking about possibly tossing back some nog, we set up a mini bar behind the table for easy access to cocktails. Some of the trimmings? Good liquor and vodka, sparkling water, wine, and a steel shaker to get kooky if that’s the mood 😉 We also used some fresh garland and golden sparkled ornaments from the dollar store to make our bar drip in a little more gold!


Now back to the table. With the gold wrap as our canvas we used, gold chargers for a buck a piece from the dollarstore and placed Cristi’s dinner plates that she already had on top! Small votive candles, more gold sparkled ornaments, and fresh garland was sprinkled about in the center to hold down the table’s focus. Then cloth napkins, which she got on clearance, were secured with more glittered ornaments we found at Dollar Tree to make a beautiful place card welcome. No one would have any idea you were furnishing your feast with things from the dollar store when it looks like this!


More gold accents were used for serving platters like this gold cake plate with matching server.


And if you squint your eyes, you’ll notice another gold platter in the back corner of the table by couch. We got two because we found them both on clearance for less than $10 a piece! I mean… when in Rome!


And finally our piece of Golden Glory… the holiday chandelier. PolishedC’s house already came with a plain wrought iron chandelier which actually was okay looking… looked a little French to me. Anywho, we added some fresh garland, being mindful of where we placed it because you don’t want it too close to the light bulbs, a few huge gold balls and other sparkly ornaments like one that read “JOY” in bold glitter all of which were from the dollar store. And after the addition of  a few fresh twigs of berries to give this light a little more holiday life you’ll see… any party, chandelier, folding table IS what you make it!

DSC_0706 DSC_0704

Whether you’re furnishing your holiday party from the dollar store or department store… it doesn’t have to be perfect… it just has to be Polished! I hope you’ll find inspiration through this post for your next holiday party and take a little stress off yourself. Heck you can even head outside and break some branches if you have to lol You can do and make anything great if you believe you can. Do you believe in magic? Happy Holidays Gals!





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