A Kiss of Pop for $24.99*

DSC_0098DSC_0116DSC_0026DSC_0145DSC_0076DSC_0106DSC_0122 DSC_0072 DSC_0079 DSC_0148DSC_0134DSC_0163DSC_0140DSC_0035Gals, is there anything better than breathing in that crisp, clean, fresh air that swirls around us every fall? I don’t think so… and so to celebrate that crispy feeling, I decided to use that as my inspiration for this clean look that breathes new life into the air with simple pieces and only a solo kiss of POP! Perfect for a fall day or night, work or play, to make the best out of a brand new day!

To style an outfit with ease, a crisp white shirt is the way to go! This button-up, I bought at Marshalls for $16.99 and layered it underneath a white sleeveless sweater, also from Marshalls for $19.99! Great staples such as these can be easily found at affordable prices at Marshalls… we all know that!

A pair of nice fitted jeans play well with my top half’s causal tone… but now a great printed wool coat and neutral heels make a smart subdued addition with the whole ensemble! But now for that kiss of POP! A totally surprising find… a cool jewel crusted wallet/clutch from Marshalls was the perfect piece of pizzazz to take my causal look to a chic new level! And the best part? For $24.99… the kiss of poppy wallet turned priceless when I paired it with a great shade of bright red lipstick!

How easy it that to give life to a whole new look! What an awesome style to rock in POPTOBER and what surprises you can find at Marshalls!

SMILE GALS… We got this!

What do you think if this look?



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