A New Take on Your Old Work Skirt!

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It really doesn’t take much Gals to add flare and style to that old skirt top combo when you want to take your work wear up a notch. I’ve had this skirt for years! It’s an oldie but goodie I keep in my closet because it’s comfortable, has a clean straight shape and a super flattering high waist. I love a high waisted skirt for anyone who wants to get the most use out of their work skirt. It’s so versatile to be paired with blouses, sweaters, and even tee’s that it always adds a structured feminine edge to your look. Even though mine is maroon, and not the classic black, you’d be surprised still how much wear I get out it. It’s the Zipfactor that always keeps me coming back.

So to give this old skirt a new feel, I’ve paired it with some pieces to make it POP for spring like adorable leopard print heels from Sole Society, a tan thin sweater top from Marshalls under $20, a vintage leather clutch and belt, and some super sweet accessories that give any old thing it’s spark back! Like a super trendy rhinestone earpiece for $24.95 and black straw hat from Sole Society, and stacks of beaded bracelets… Mine were a beautiful gift from Moira Anne! Tip* If your skirt comes with a matching belt, try swapping it with a leather belt you have that’s more lux for a more expensive looking style!

The idea of this post gals is to show you that re-inventing the old can be super easy with the addition of some high quality POP that doesn’t have to break the bank! So head on into that closet of yours, or even a thrift store and score some vintage, or add something trendy, or throw on a chapeau and breathe some new life into your classroom or boardroom attire for a new take on your amazing style! With this fresh eye to scour your closet…. it’s all prepping you for …”A New April!”

Tip* Playing dress up with fresh eyes on a Sunday or down day, and giving yourself some time to actually try things on, can be a great idea to plan ahead for the work week!

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