A New View on Shorts!


Gals! I’m usually not a shorts kind of Gal, but I will tell you that I’m trying something new and attempting to incorporate more of them in my spring and summer wardrobe. I mean when you have so many cute options, like these floral cuties from Marshalls for $14.99… it’s hard not to throw them over your shoulder and check for that Zipfactor feeling in the dressing room! Check out how I styled these floral shorts with POP in this episode of PolishedTV! Want to know more? Comment on this post with any questions or things you want to chat about! We love getting connected to our Gal Pals! Oh! By the way, the jacket was an oldie but goodie from H&M and that white blouse is also from Marshalls and one of our “7 Must Have Peices” to have in your wardrobe in our Style Series on Ulive.com/polished-for-pennies <3

DSC_0768 DSC_0763 DSC_0800


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