A *Penny for Thought

My name is Vittoria Woodill. I am local gal from Philadelphia and I’ve spent quite sometime trying to uphold a perfectly polished look and lifestyle on a working girl’s budget. Everyone is on the daily grind out there, right? I don’t care where you work, what city you live in, or what economic status you are, I know your hustling to stay current with trends and fresh with ideas to wow your buddies in every realm of style. All to ultimately give yourself the extra boost of confidence you deserve. (Don’t forget how hard you work, you do deserve it! ) As a former cheerleader for the NFL and a current television anchor for Tango Traffic, I have spent a good amount of time on camera and performing. But what people don’t see are the behind the scene ways I skimp on dollars but never on taste to look well put together and camera ready!  So here’s where it gets interesting, my “A Penny for Thought” blog is designed to share some of my ideas for how to look, feel, and entertain like a million bucks on a few shiny pennies. So stay tuned… and if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments send me an email at polishedv@gmail.com! Thanks for checking it out 🙂 -V

A *Penny for Thought

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