A Polished Day of Easter Brunching…

If you have to entertain a few friends or family members this Sunday and don’t want to break the bank, plan an Easter Brunch! Keep the food simple, the decor bright and warm, and the company feeling full and filled with thoughtfulness.

For the table-scape, since Spring is here, I wanted the feel to be fresh, bright, and inviting. An easy way to make your table inviting is to add a table cloth. Our tablecloth was purchased at Marshalls for $3.99! The pattern is pleasant, and the clean lines keep it polished. (*If you didn’t want to go out and buy a table cloth, you could use a clean bed sheet, a fabric shower curtain, or even your old drapes. It may sound weird, but I’ve used all of those things before to entertain on. No one knew the difference, and no one knew to ask because it looked so good! If I can do it, you can do it too! Just try!

Before the food:

The napkins you notice that POP off of the table, were also purchased at Marshalls on clearance for $2.50. I chose to add them to the table to keep things fun, and have people say, “Hey! These are so cute! Where did you get them?” …They provide a special touch to a table that makes your company feel they’ve been thought of and special, even with a simple offering such as as a napkin. It’s the little things that count.

*Simple flowers in a low vase are a Polished for Pennies entertaining essential. It adds life to a table, and with a low vase, keeps everyone in view of one another. I bought the vase at the Dollar Store… Being Polished is this simple…SERIOUSLY

We also brought out cups and saucers, and champagne flutes we purchased at IKEA for less than a dollar a glass. Also we added a few older antique serving utensils, like the depression glass that was passed down by family, and even some antiques that were purchased at thrift stores (Like the pale pink cake plate in the first photo!)

There is so much more to tell but I have to make you wait!! Coming up…The recipes, the guests and also a Polished TV Episode for finding entertaining pieces at the Thrift store that are Polished for Pennies!

I hate to make your mouth salivate with the photo below…But C’mon back!

Please ignore the Dunkin’ Iced Tea in the lower right, Creative Services Director at P4P Colie Woodill, is addicted to them and has to have her some DD Ice Tea with with lemon and sugar daily lol She’s the cutest! Might even be an idea to make a pitcher of fresh brewed ice tea for your brunch. What’s a box of tea and some sugar cost ya? …Not much! It’s all in the presentation, and that’s thinking P4P!

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