A Princess*

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This may be one of the corniest posts you’ll ever read, and what may be even cornier to some, is that I believe wholeheartedly and most emphatically what I’m about to tell you.

All of us are princesses.

I know! You’re sitting there as a 20+ year old woman maybe, thinking to yourself, “okay, YAH, this chick’s a weirdo. I’m out!” But before you walk away I must say this:

To walk among such beauty in this world is an honor. You are something to be celebrated. You are something to be awed at. You are someone who is and will always be worthy of greatness, great things, and grateful hearts that just feel lucky to be around you. You my dear, if you choose to believe it, ARE a princess in your own right. The way you look, how you live, and where you’re from has nothing to do with why you are royalty. You are, simply because you exist.

Sometimes you have to be your own fairy god-mother and sometimes you might be lucky enough to have one around to remind you of your worth. Regardless, we all must cultivate that reminder ourselves of worthiness. Then slap on that imaginary crown and believe it. You have to hold your self to that standard, because you must, if you truly want to feel what it’s like to respect yourself. Yes, being a princess in your own right is about respect being your crowning glory. Respect that is… for yourself. I think at times all of us could give a little more respect to ourselves.

Okay, I’m done getting all Disney on you… but I felt I just HAD to! So many of us don’t see the beautiful ballroom belle within us because the dusty, dirty, grime of some of our country, city, bumpkin lives is fogging our vision. But you are worthy. You are royalty. You are… a Princess.  (You must watch the scene I linked… to all the people who try to bring you down… remember her words. Because unfortunately these people are out there and for all of us can be a confidence buzz-kill, but as I like to say… “they just don’t like themselves that much, and that is never a good look.”


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