A Simple Sampling*

Make Mini Frittatas Fresh flowers and fruitSplit!

So you’re having a gal pal or two over and you want to give them a sophisticated experience, how about a simple light spring sampling? Our go to for simplicity and versatility… Frittatas! Make omelet batters using different fix’in combos, pour the batter in non-stick or greased cupcakes pans and bake! SIMPLE and Polished for Pennies!!!  We used sun-dried tomatoes, basil, spinach, cheese and fresh tomatoes. But  you can make whatever you like with ingredients you buy, or the way we do it… with whatever ya got in the fridge and freezer!

Gals it’s EASY, you’re just makin’ eggs!

By having your guests sample different minis, it makes entertaining fun, not complicated or stuffy! It keeps the ambiance light and your guests feeling just right.

Pretty plates and cloth napkins add that dose of weight and texture. By staking items on your table and spreading the love around your serving area, your table will feel abundant and your guests will want to jump right in.

We also displayed some assorted fruits and breads, with spreads and butters. The beauty of this… it’s easy peasey, and practically fool-proof!

A few tips*

  • The eggs will be done, when they puff up and don’t juggle. Keep your eye on your eggs, and nose in the air for burning smells (just in case), but you’ll be fine 🙂
  • Fresh flowers… NEVER FAKE. Buy what’s cheap and make it work… herbs can also be great!
  • Use layers. I used to work in the catering business and to really bring a table to life, height adds such beauty. If you don’t have a tier to display your food or serving ware, you can totally use cake plates, or even different size Tupperware (maybe hidden under the table-cloth, pretty napkins, or doilies)
  • Don’t forget the coffee, bubbly, or tea and you’re READY!

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