A Swirling Snow Globe is Just as Pretty when it’s Slowing Down.

I recently read an article that talked about how consumed we are in social media and how it prevents us from being inspired. The images, videos, and constant stimulation don’t really allow us to go to the widest parts of our imagination because we’re so busy concentrating on content. We’re so busy liking, disliking, finger flipping and typing we don’t really give ourselves space for peace. Peace of mind. Quiet.

It’s a great point. 

Think of your mind like a snow globe. Picture it. A beautiful circular form filled with glittering confetti or crisp flakes of snow. Maybe in the center is something you love… put something there. Now think of this. Every time you pick up your phone in the morning by your nightstand, on the train, in the car, at work waiting for a meeting to begin, in the bathroom, on the drive home, in between flips of your chicken breast cooking in the pan for dinner, sitting at dinner, and in between watching Prime your snow globe is constantly being shook! Sure it looks beautiful swirling about! The videos are funny and the comments pass time but think of that constant moving and shaking. There’s no rest! And because your snow globe is constantly in motion, which means your brain is constantly engaged, you miss things. You just can’t concentrate. You miss what your senses bring to your attention naturally outside of the internet. You miss your world.  You miss the little things in our world that bring a quiet joy meant for us to savor. The warm sun coming through the windows when you wake up, the feeling of your sheets, the smell of your coffee, the sensation of crisp air moving through your favorite jacket. How your favorite jacket feels. But most importantly, you miss the details on the faces of the people you meet, work with, and love. You miss how their hand feels when they try to get your attention. You miss a comment of sincere thanks or “i love you.” You miss how they’re feeling or how they’re making you feel because there’s distraction.

I’m guilty of this but I want to be more conscious of it. I don’t want to have fomo on social media I want to have fomo in real life. I don’t want to miss out on the life I’m living. I want to live it! I want to feel it! 

Now, imagine how beautiful your snow globe looks when the snow, glitter, or confetti slowly drip down to the bottom of the base. Isn’t that beautiful? Better? Isn’t it peaceful and enchanting when our minds are settling and become still. Watching your snow globe move and stop are both nice, but you can only notice both if you allow space for both.

Especially around the holidays, in between posts, remember to let your snow globe die down so you can see the beauty of your world and the people in it. Trust me… Instagram doesn’t do it justice.

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