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A Very Vintage Christmas Tree with Dollar Decorations ;)

I absolutely love the season of decking the halls with bales and bales of holly! Holly, garland, ornaments OH MY! I LOVE IT ALL! But each year you deck the halls you may feel like your vision is grabbing your wallet by the… 

Well take it from me decorating your tree P4P will have your wallet happy and you filled with glee! What’s the key? Aisle scanning in the dollar store. LOL. Now, you probably think I’m nuts. But I’m serious. While I love looking up home decor that costs more than I’m willing to spend, I just can’t get myself to drop that kind of dough especially when inspiration and innovation lies at a place where everything is a dollar! 🙂 

The inspiration for my tree began when I spotted these floral metallic fans in the garden aisle of Dollar Tree.

It amazed me how much they POPPED with that something special. That something that screamed to be turned into something else amazing!  BOOM it hit me, “wouldn’t these be great as a decoration on a Christmas tree? Wouldn’t they be cool?” I couldn’t think straight after that moment. My brain was looking at all the colors of the fans and how I could pull each of those colors out through ornaments to bring a very vintage Christmas tree to life! It was happening! 

And so it did.

I placed the fans within a flocked faux Christmas tree that I purchased from Walmart. 

{Now, the tree was the most expensive thing but I know I’ll use it every year and bring to life more inspiration so I found the $180 dollars worth it!}

From there I had iridescent ribbon in the basement left over from my sisters, PolishedC’s baby shower. So I cut pieces in about 4 feet in length rolled them back up then unravelled it gently to keep its curl. It’s best to use the ribbon with the wire in the edges because it makes it so easy to place the ribbon in sections of the tree where they will stay put. I also LOVED how the iridescent ribbon played off of the silver, pinks and purples in the fan! I was coming together and I was so excited to have it on hand! 

To accent more color printed in the fans, I scored vintage colored Christmas balls from the thrift store in rosy pink, rose gold, frosted white, and glossy amber.

It cost $1 per set of six! Which meant I had a spare $3.99 to spend on the tree topper! A white fur vintage hat with delicate rose buds adorning the crown. 

With a few more personal touches like a few green ornaments I bought from Homegoods last year and a few of my Mommom’s tea cups, which I wired to the tree…

My Very Vintage Christmas tree creation was complete and cost me less than $20! For 5 sets of balls, a tree topper and three floral fans it cost me about $13 bucks! Talk about bang for your buck for conversation pieces that sing with Christmas spirit and style! 

So it just goes to show you, if you have a vision, get resourceful and put yourself in a place you can succeed with your budget, aka in my case Dollar Tree or the thrift store… you’ll feeling prouder than ever to be Polished for Pennies and proud of yourself for what you can bring to life! You can do so many wonderful things! As we say on the blog,  you don’t have to be perfect… you just have to be polished. <3 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Gal Pals!

P.S There’s a small yellow chick in the tree left behind from one of my adorable cousins… I didn’t have the heart to take it out. It made the tree feel more special and gave him a chance to add his own touch. I like to think he felt inspired lol … Can you spot it?

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