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A Weird Mix of Prints (In a good way)*

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I was watching a video of Justin Timberlake accepting The Innovator Award at the IHeart Radio Music Awards on Facebook the other day. His acceptance speech was awesome. He talked about weirdness. How weirdness and being weird is nothing but creative and creative people being who they are because they’ve got ideas. How we should never stop being weird and hungry to continue to create. I love that.

His speech made me think of this outfit I put together the other day when we were playing at Malena’s Vintage. Me and PolishedC were snapping a few photos outside of their store and I was loving the crazy mix of patterns, textures, and prints I put together in Malena’s showroom with a few pieces of my own mixed in too. Merrily posing in a $16.99 top from Marshalls, a gorgeous woven vintage straw raffia skirt, $10 vintage rain coat and a $10 vintage purse… I was in LOVE. I was obsessed. I thought it was great!

I got home that night and started editing the photos, still in love with what I had created, my mom walked in while I was in the process of picking my favorites. She always gets a preview of the photos before they go live on P4P, and it was this set that got her “Hmmmmming”over the pics! Finally, she said it… she called the look I was in love with, “weird”. Not in a negative way, but just simply stating her opinion, which is all good and welcomed. She just thought the composition of this look was a little odd, a little wacky, and a little weird. I agreed but that’s why I loved it.

If you knew me when I was younger… I was wacky. I was so weird. I was creating and creating, and living and living, and laughing and laughing in my own weirdo mind and knew no different. I was always creating and concocting the most off the wall ideas and had no conception of judgement or embarrassment. The focus was never on what others thought or liked, it was always on what I thought, what I liked, and where I was going in my mind. Wow, the beauty of being a child with an unapologetic imagination. Why should that ever stop! That’s why Justin’s speech tapped into my heart. In a world where being weird seems too different, we are a necessity to creation and the creation of innovative ideas. We the “different”, the “weird” are the creative. So if you love it… love it. If you love what you create keep creating. Support yourself if no one else will. If these ideas are in your heart TRY, TRY for you! Keep being true to you as you would naturally if you had that beautiful careless obliviousness-like mind when you were a child because kids say the darnedest things and they are usually very knowning and right.

You are not alone in this world. I’m a little weird too. So know you’re not ever alone in your weirdness, even if others make you feel different… You are not. I’ll play with you 😉

Be weird. You’re the new. You’re the innovation and innovator. You are the beautiful creation. As JT said, don’t change, keep creating weird ideas, and stay hungry… ya weirdo! 😉

I will too! I freaking still love this weird outfit lol


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