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Whether it’s your Bod, your Nails, or your Face… It’s easy as pie to get Juiced Up for Summer! The point of this post is to bring you to the realization that adding on the juice can come in doses. We feel at P4P that one or two pieces rocked with the right Confidence is all you need to make a look STAND OUT with Sass and Appeal. So here are some pairings:

1.The Simple Dress and Statement Necklace: A body conscious dress is something that many don’t want to dip into. Understandable. We get apprehensive, because “OMG I’m showing off my curves!”… But, why do we get ourselves to that point? It’s sort of ridiculous, but a thought that never really seems to leave. But Gals, I’m going to ask you to try this month. Try to find that Zipfactor body con dress that Zips with Confidence, has a POP of luscious Color, and has lining with Heavy is Luxury feel so you feel more comfortable to bare your bod. Every Gal has a shape to be proud of, and we think summer is the best excuse to slip into a simple, colored dress that we can be proud of. With the addition of a lucite necklace, your look will be overflowing with simplicity yet a splash of spice.

2.The Neon Toe to Top you Off: Color can be used in the smallest way, but will make the biggest difference. I think some Gals underestimate the power of a punch on the piggies (was that weird that I said that, the word piggies weirds me out lol ANYWHO)… I want you to think about your toes this summer as an accessory! The right HOT COLOR Polish will make an outfit come alive… I think so much so, you will be shocked at the compliments you’ll get from baring those little brights with a great pair of sandals, or wedges! We love the sophistication of the wedges above.

HOT Lips and HOT Bag: Imagine a super simple dress, but your outfit speaking in volumes through your pout and pocketbook! Sometimes that’s all you’ll need to doll up an outfit… I mean whats a couple pennies on a lucite bag and $2.99 Lip. At P4P something that simple, and small will have people gawking over your style… or I guess fittingly for Juicy June… Salivating over your cleverness 🙂

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