Artsy August* Life is Your Canvas

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If you look at your everyday for what it really is… it’s a blank canvas. Ready to be splattered, made, created, painted, and smeared with whatever it is you want to bring to life. Life… your life… is your master piece. It’s your greatest work of art, so this August, why not bring your magical paint brush out everyday and paint the town red. Paint it blue! Paint it PINK! Paint it Polka dot!! Just paint!! Paint your version of a great day, great outfit, great idea… and BRiNG LIFE TO LIFE. You are the artist and this August is our month to hold our brushes high in the air and really see what we can do. What we can dream up and what we can make!

Let’s paint. Let’s create. Let’s use all the inspiration we have in us to create the best versions of ourselves and live the colorful life!

Here’s your canvas… Imagine it as your outfit, your home, your work, your life… now make it beautiful and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be Polished!

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