Basket Case*

One day after work, I remember pushing open my bedroom door only to be greeted with the overwhelming feeling of suffocation. There were clothes everywhere! Spurting from the ceiling, off of the clothing pole and off the hangers, the drawers of my dresser cocked open and weighed down with loosely hanging shirts and jeans, and the floor was totally non-existent. I was pissed. I was tired. I kicked and screamed like a four year old about the things I couldn’t control, like the size of the room, and even stomped and booted a couple of garments like soccer balls. I acted like a complete Looney tune, this I know, but I couldn’t help it. After a good 5-7 minutes, I stopped, gathered myself together, leaned up against my door and took a moment to actually think of a solution. That is when I knew I needed to buy more shelving, and make sure it was something with good depth to contain the tidal wave of clothing that had taken over my room. So then this crazy gal headed to Kmart 🙂

I was on a mission to find myself shelving that was sturdy, had clean lines, no frills, and was extremely basic and cheap. That is when I came across a white, plastic, “Kin-ex” styled shelving unit in the Bathroom section of the store. It was exactly what I was looking for! Easy to assemble, and the best part was it gave me four nice sized shelves for $25! Okay, so I had my base. Now I needed to fill in those spaces with something that had depth, was sturdy, and had a little flare to finish my new storage unit. So I headed over to the laundry isle and picked up four large wicker laundry baskets with fresh linen lining, and I was ready to go!

I do have to say the baskets were a little pricey at $20 each but totally worth it, and after assembling made my idea look like a million bucks! To top it off it looked like I had hired a professional closet organizer! …Not mention my clothes weren’t swallowing me whole anymore! My total shopping trip cost me $105.00, and the way I think about it is now I can fit over 105 items, paid nothing for installation, and did not have to buy another bulky piece of furniture!

One thing you do need to keep in mind is the type of items your trying to store. I was on the look out for something to hold jeans and sweaters, but if you have smaller items the basket prices go down. FYI: Also,  always remember to  measure your space t, the width and height to your shelf, and the width and height of your basket to make sure it all fits like a glove. You can line it up at the store as well. Here’s a look at the finale!

Polished gals get pissed but also get smart! This Basket Case took PILED to *Polished for just Pennies! I also added a few of my stud earrings for an additon special touch. You can always add your own flare as well by using ribbon, earrings, pins, faux flowers or whatever else floats your boat! 😉 Have a great one! -V

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