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Be your own Valentine this weekend by loving every bit of your body. Hug your curves in leather. Feel the length of your arms in something laced up, and drape yourself in decadent pieces all for pennies!

That’s right Gals! On a recent trip to Jomar I found the vintage leather skirt I”m rocking for $9.99. It’s high waisted which has a lot of lady like appeal yet sizzles with sass! Feel free to scout your local thrift shop for one of these Heavy is Luxury staple pieces! With a few more dashes of leather like faux-fur lined leather gloves also from Jomar at $13.99, and a leather Michael Kors clutch from Marshalls $79.99, it’s a look to love and lust after! Pair those edgy pieces with a structured jacket… this one is an oldie you might remember... and a soft cotton rose colored lace up snap leotard from Forever 21 under $20. This snappy piece kisses the skin your in to get you feeling some high powered self confidence!

Then finally drape your neck with a scarf to add daintiness and femininity. Many may think that silk scarves are a thing of the past… I beg to differ. This one is Alexander McQueen which I scored at Jomar for $19.99! It’s print is daring and bold and it made me feel lux and regal.

Allow this look to serve you as some sexy inspiration on how you should feel on Valentines Day… Adorned. Loved. Proud and like a Lady.

Happy Valentines Day Lovers.

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