Blushing Beauty Buys at Marshalls*


Ah! Gal Pals! The beauty of “Blushing January” is inspiring us to up our makeup game by making the necessary additions to our makeup bags for 2015! What does that mean exactly? Well, we loved the idea of using our “blushing” theme as a way to bring more attention to the nudes and soft pinks of your beauty regimen, and really for us gal pals getting our hustle on… nudes and pinks are the perfect shades to keep you looking natural but FRESH with style on the go! So it’s important to keep your face feeling taken care of this month, and every month so take this post as a reminder!

As a style blogger for Marshalls Project Fab, I was showered with some new beauty buys that are perfectly Polished for Pennies and will wake up my makeup bag with a Blushing BANG this 2015!

Take a look at this designer lip trio! In gorgeous shades of pinky peachy blushing goodness it’s a fantastic staple to carry around! Considering you’ve got all you need for that perfect “Kylie Jenner” pout it’s a super fab addition and one that won’t break the bank! But are you ever breaking the bank at Marshalls? 😉


Case in point: since all three only cost $19.99, we’re saving some major coin shopping at Marshalls, because just this lipstick below from Borghese retails $25! LOVE IT! How cool are the ridges?!


In addition to the lip trio of lipstick, liner, and gloss… Marshalls has another one of my fresh must haves for the new year which are a new set of makeup brushes! They have synthetic brushes, which I prefer due to allergies and cleanliness, that cost under $7 bucks a POP! I dig that! No need to mention how they’ll keep us blushing this January 😉 Tip* it’s good to use synthetic brushes because you can clean them easily with plain old alcohol! (Thanks Ms. Urban Delight for this tip) Animal hair brushes tend to be more delicate and require more expensive ways of cleaning and care. But even though these brushes are synthetic they work good and look good while on the job! With a beautiful bamboo handle and brown and creme ombre top, you and your tools will look super chic while getting your blush on!


If there were a few other Blushing Beauty Buys for the new year to recommend they would be as follows:

  • Fresh Makeup Bag (The one pictured is from Marshalls with a pretty white faux animal skin texture)
  • Fresh eyeliner pen
  • Fresh mascara (I’ve been dying over Diorshow lately. I got a gift card to Sephora for Christmas and had to splurge the $25 on it)
  • Fresh Pink blush (Revlon makes these cream blushes pictured above that come in super pretty colors are are super easy to apply)
  • Fresh Fragrance because for me… perfume instantly makes me feel Polished and Pretty after my makeup application! I’ve been scooping up every Salvatore Ferragamo “Attimo” perfume at Marshalls I can get my hands on because for $19.99 you’re getting designer luxury in a bottle for pennies. SCORE*

Gals, it’s important to take care of yourself and even if you have $20 bucks in your pocket, you don’t need a boat load of stuff to get your face feeling fabulous and you don’t need to spend a lot of money! So get out there with you BLUSHING self, take some time to revamp that beauty bag of yours, and feel like a million bucks! And remember my pretties you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be Polished*

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