Blushing Hot Chocolate

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So you may be over all of the holiday hubbub, BUT I’m sure you’re not over a little chocolate indulgence! Or maybe you are, but I promise this hot chocolate won’t make you feel too guilty even with those New Year resolutions! You only live once anyway!

Anywho, this is the perfect drink if you’re spending tonight or any snuggled and bundled under the covers watching a great movie! It’s freaking freezing out around here so that’s how I’ll be spending my weekend lol. So here it goes, instead of opting to start your chocolate milk with whole milk, skim, or two percent, why not try coconut milk! I substituted my hot chocolate’s plai old milk for vanilla coconut milk for a sweet twist! And Gals, it came out fantastic!!! Of course I had to take it up a few notches further and add toasted coconut, marshmallows (or course), and whipped cream to really take it over the edge! But even just plain it was a sweet treat that I didn’t feel guilty about! My only ingredients? Hershey Cocoa and Vanilla Coconut Milk, that’s it! If you use sweetened coconut milk the sugar is already there, which makes this two ingredient treat perfectly Polished for Pennies!

What do you think Gals? Would you give it a go?

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