Blushing Twist On *Takeout (Part 1)


It’s so important Gals for you to come here and be inspired, not only by our monthly themes, but through posts that show you a little creativity, inspiration, and thought can make a few pennies look and feel like a million bucks!

For this entertaining post, which will have two parts, I wanted to do a “Blushing Twist on Takeout!” I’ve been obsessed with Pho ever since one of my gal pals introduced me to it not to long ago, and I thought to myself, “wow, this would be a super cool and inexpensive P4P party idea!” Hence my two part post on a Pho/Spa night for a few of my best Gal Pals! In part two we’ll talk a little more about what Pho is, but here’s a briefing in case you are new to it like I was. Their recipe was also my inspiration.

Anywho, let’s talk tablescape! So in my mind I wasn On a trip to Marshalls, shocker 😉 …I spotted this super cool bendable foam floral piece. It sort of had an Asian feel to it and in a dusty Marsala color I had to have it for $5! It was the perfect statement piece to add to the center of the table that drew in the eye and sparked a little curiosity!


I also found an 8 pack of floral Freesia scented packets for $3.99 that I thought would make awesome place cards while also serving as a beautiful takeaway for my guests, from my takeout feast!


Naturally, I also headed to Dollar Tree and picked up a few ideas to give my serving wear a twist! Pho is all about layering flavors from different piles of ingredients then a delicate broth over top, so I needed a BIG but not obnoxious bowl suitable for slurping! POP, super cool plastic crystal bowls big enough to pile high with Pho fixings and my delicate broth. They were sturdy and perfectly Polished for Pennies. I also picked up some blushing pink dinner napkins, small clear plastic side bowls for dips and soy sauce, and plastic wine glasses that were a total fake out! I thought they were glass, which made serving wear like these pieces, portable and practical yet still elegant! Also, while at the Dollar Tree I grabbed these small multi-colored rugs that had pink threads woven through it which I thought would be a cool item to incorporate in some way for extra texture! Really, it sort of reminded me of a rug you would sit on if you were eating on the floor… which would fit the theme, but I opted to add it under my floral centerpiece to center the table instead. It worked!


In need of my Pho ingredients, I headed to my local Korean supermarket to get beautiful veggies and sauces… but I also found inexpensive table touches to really give that Asian inspiration!  Like, floral blush colored chopsticks for $3.99 for a set of 8, wide soup spoons for $.99 a piece, and on the way out… I grabbed a Korean newspaper to use as my “table cloth” that gave a street food/takeout feel to my table while still looking thoughtful and cool!


A few things I did that you can’t see:

  • I didn’t want to the newspaper to slip around so I put a simple table cloth underneath so it wouldn’t slide.
  • I used a low table so we could sit on the floor and added a few chair cushions and floor pillows to sit on!
  • My entire Pho buffet was setup in a different area of the room to keep the table clean and light for my guests, except I did put a few small bowls of soy, hoisin, and seasoned peanuts on the table.
  • And finally, I was so fortunate to have my amazing Aunt host us at her house! She is a masseuse and her basement is beautiful and perfect for a relaxing spa night setting.

IMG_5465-2 IMG_5468-2

Now all we need to is talk about the actual PHO! Click the photo below for the deets on this Polished Party Feast! 



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