Blushing Twist On *Takeout (Part Pho)


Let’s talk PHO! So I hope you’ve had a chance to check out Part One of our Blushing Twist on Takeout, where I break down the decor but now we need to dish on the dish! I can not express to you enough how easy it was to put together a Pho bar for my gal pals! It’s fresh, inviting, healthy, and super affordable! Just how we like our parties… Polished for Pennies!

So Pho, is a Vietnamese soup that consists of a delicate broth, vegetables, and for some beef or fish. I stuck to a vegetarian option just because I felt a little leery about the raw meat, but it’s totally up to you and your comfort level. My guests however were not missing the meat which made me feel really good about my decision!

I based my broth roughly off of this recipe that I came across on Pinterest! Shout out to The Roasted Root! Now, my recipe wasn’t exact because it’s basically a vegetable broth so I didn’t over think it but used her recipe as a guide. *You could even buy pre-made vegetable broth and boil it with ginger and you’d probably get a similar taste. My broth consisted of boiling a huge pot of water with fresh veggies like scallions, carrots, leeks, shallots, ginger, a tablespoon of hoison, cinnamon stick, and a few more table spoons of soy sauce to taste. I strained the broth and voila! To serve to my guests, I really wanted to keep the broth super hot the whole time, so I opted for an crock pot and it worked like a charm!


Gals, no joke… the rest was super EASY! For a Pho bar that rocks, make it lush and Go fresh! Veggies like bean sprouts, Chinese broccoli, mushrooms, jalapenos, and tofu had my guests piling their bowls with the good stuff. I had cilantro in vases that they could pick off themselves, and plenty of lime wedges to add more flavor!


Btw, shopping at produce stores like Produce Junction make meals like this cost LITERALLY pennies!


But Pho is all about layering even more flavor! So while my fresh veggies were well and good I had a few other bowls filled with interesting flavor kicks my gal pals could choose from that I kept on the table! Like soy sauce, hoison, siracha, and pickled carrots I made myself with this SUPER easy quick pickle recipe! i love it even more because you can do this for any veggie! Might be an idea for my next sandwich bar! 😉 My mouth is salivating thinking of these again lol


I even tossed some peanuts in some soy, hoison, siracha, and baked them for a spiced crunchy addition to the mix!


But what I love about a Pho bar for a party, is that you and your guests get to choose the flavor combo and have a good ol’ time putting ingredient after ingredient in a big ol’ bowl to make a bountiful fresh feast ready to dig into!


And how cool is this! My Gal Pals really took to the theme and brought some real takeout Chinese soups for apps, and a delicious fresh salad with avocados and mango that was divine! They were awesome!


Now you know we had to have a cocktail! So I brewed some hibiscus Tazo tea, then mixed it with some fresh blood orange juice, vodka, fresh citrus slices and this sweet treat was colorful, tasty, and vibrant!


So Gals I hope you’ve taken away some inspiration and confidence from this post! Showing that you can entertain like a Million Bucks on a few shiny pennies and give a twist on takeout food to make it elegant, cool, and approachable! So get creative Gal Pals and Pho at it! 😉

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