Breathe… and Eat Peanut Butter & Pomegranate!

Gal Pals sometimes it’s so necessary to just make something nice for yourself. To sit down and give yourself a minute to eat and not only eat but  be grateful for what lies on your plate. And I don’t just mean all of your responsibilities. 

I made appoint to do this the other day with a recipe I had seen on on Padma Lakshmi’s Instagram feed. It was so simple and serene and made me want to be in my comfy socks with my legs crossed smitten in a plate of pomegranate studded toast swirled with peanut butter! It was perfection.

I mean… how did that photo not speak of #saturdaze and #goodvibes? So I decided on a Saturday I was going to give it a whirl myself and it was incredibly satisfying! 

I took a fresh pomegranate and cut it in half. Then beat the seeds out using a wooden paddle on the back of it into a bowl. Then I took my favorite peanut butter from Costco and schmeared it on some sprouted bread. Then came the rain dance of ruby juice filled sprinkles on top and a drizzle honey. 

And just to make sure I was really feeling the love I was paying to myself, I decked out my place setting. A fresh cappuccino, a single rose, and a heart made out of candy canes. Each pretty detail made me feel pretty and had me toasting to this bit of goodness. This bit of joy. 

Sure it’s only toast but really it felt like more! It felt like I was toasting myself! A reward and it felt really good! So why not toast to yourself one day! Or toast with the ones you love. It may just be bread but we can’t just be out there making it all the time, we have to take a bite out of life too and just be a little nutty~! That’s P4P! Happy Saturday Gals! 

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