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Different is Beautiful


By: Colie Woodill

Coming from someone who dreads writing, I would have never thought that I would be compelled to write a post.  But when reading P4P you become confident in yourself, and realize that YOU are capable to tackle anything, so here goes nothing…..

Everyone has struggles they face everyday, but the key to overcome them, is to surround yourself with people who love you for you.  What is the point to have a “friend” that makes you feel that you cannot be yourself? Or makes you feel that you can’t dress up once in a while? Or pulls the “don’t look cute tonight” card?? I’m sorry, but who cares if one of your friends wants to throw on a little makeup to make themselves feel good. That’s what they like! That’s them! What’s the big deal?!

Everyone has to agree that when you’re all dolled up, looking like a fox, you truly feel like a million bucks!  The last thing you want to experience when you’re feeling all polished and confident as you leave the house, is to feel out of place when you go out, and feel that people don’t accept you for you. People who you thought did? But then I realized SO WHAT! Being different is what makes me ME. A little makeup and a hot outfit, makes me happy.

So for all the Gal Pals that feel nervous to rock a new trend or hesitant to put on a bold lip, remember that different is Beautiful. Wear what you like, and LOVE IT! People may look at you in a different way or make a smart remark, but I bet you, they are the first to go home and try on that bold lip and secretly wish they had enough guts to wear it out.  Bottom line, WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF YOU, because you are perfect the way you are and should not change for anyone. Different is beautiful, and you are different. So #justbeyou…

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