Mother’s Day? Put A Ring On It!

Looking for the perfect Polished for Pennies gift that WOWS on Mother’s Day but only costs a few pennies of your hard earned dough? How about a set of elegant napkin holders for the Mom who loves to entertain and make her home and guests feel pretty as she plays hostess! A thoughtful gift like […]

Guy’s Guide to Mother’s Day*

It’s Mother’s Day and you want to do something special but you’re stuck for ideas. You’re thinking what can I do to make her feel like the BEST MOM EVER… Well, the good thing is, is that you’re already thinking about her. What can I do to show her I notice all that she does? […]

You’re A Sweet-Tea*

    When you’re a P4P Gal Pal, you’re just one of those gals that appreciate the little things. Not that you don’t want the larger things in life, but when you grow up working without, you realize that the simplest things in life can polish up your day just as good as the most […]

That’s a Wrap*

Sometimes you just have a vision in mind. Whether you want to transport your party guests to another place tropical, or springy, or English, or dreamy, or garden-like… Instead of shelling out the money on a table cloth that always has the potential of getting ruined or stained… why not wrap your table with gift […]

Clearance Quick-Fix*

  I’ve sort of been in the mood to re-arrange and re-decorate my office lately. It’s probably because the scent of spring is in the air, and sitting in the warm sunlight at my desk is one of my favorite things to do, so I figure why not give it some polish! I never really […]

Thoughtless Quiche*

Ok, so the Gals are coming over and you’ve sort of sprung this idea together the night before! You’re panicking! What am I going to make, what do I have to run out and buy… WHAT DO I DO!! Gals… here is something that literally takes no thought at all and if you can make […]

Vday with the Gals!

You know how easy it is to throw a super cute soiree for you and your gal pals? Simple as PIE! It literally takes no effort at all because the most important things are already covered: the dying want of you and all your gals to get together, and the DTP (“down to party”) attitude […]

Valentine’s Day… STAY IN!

Thankfully, Valentine’s Day is all about giving love as your biggest present. But realistically it’s a pricey night out! Dinner, drinks, dancing, entertainment, parking, flowers, candy, and diamonds… naming all those things and we’ve just lost the money for our monthly car payment! Hey, we get it, but why not stay in? By no means […]

Happy Gift Tags

If you’re like me, gift-giving is not only about the gift inside but the wrapping! Nothing suckers me more than a perfectly wrapped gift that’s a little creative… so why not do the same for the folks you’re gifting this year? We took a different approach to gift tags and instead of the typical… we […]

P4P DIY Gift Idea… The Other Bubbly!

  Written By: PolishedA (Ashley Lewis) Create decadence in scent for a totally P4P price! Making your own soap is simple and doesn’t take long at all.  Make it for yourself or your friends as small gifts for the holidays! You can buy all of these supplies at your local craft store. Make sure the […]

Thanks-Gifting for the Hostess on Pennies

WATCH THIS POST COME TO LIFE ON CBS3! Maybe you’re stopping at Grandma’s house for homemade pumpkin pie or gobbling up that turkey dinner as a guest at your BFF’s. Wherever you’re headed for the holidays, bringing an elegant gift for your host/hostess does not have to burn a hole through your piggy bank! Here […]

A Harvest Treat!

The other day I had a vision of a pipping hot crusty danish that oozed with gooey goodness and smelled of Pumpkin Spice… so I decided to make that vision a REALITY!! It’s amazing what you can do when you use your imagination and whatever ingredients you have in the fridge. For this I spotted […]

Finding what you love… DIY Chairs

  Guest post written by: Guy Pal, Lee Singletary “Shop for what pops” – It’s a common phrase or principal you’ll find repeated while trolling the posts here at P4P. But that phrase didn’t quite resonate for me until the passing of Labor Day – where instead of planning how many (soon-to-be antiquated) white outfits […]

Sip Home-made Limoncello

What could be more sophisticated than making your very own, home-made liqueur to dazzle and entertain your guests! Fortunately, I learned it’s super easy to do and inexpensive to produce!! Claire, a very good gal pal of mines knows a thing or two about entertaining, and when offered the chance to observe her limoncello making […]

Wine Night*

The idea behind creating an amazing night of food, fun, and decor is all based off of inspiration! Whether its perfect plums at the market, the most gorgeous baked bread, or even a lamp you spotted while thrift shopping… you can find inspiration everywhere and use it to sky rocket your creativity and imagination… The […]

Monday Night Football Fun-ions!

I know what you’re thinking, onion rings are Polished? Um, yea gals! They are totally P4P! Cheap, easy, and when you’re entertaining, looking to score with flavor, these little buggers will help you win over the crowd on Game-day! Instant COOKING CONFIDENCE! SCORE! Previously doing some promo work for various projects, I got the chance […]

Home Alone Pasta

I was home alone not to long ago when my family took a vacation, so I decided I wanted to treat myself to a beautiful meal. I love to cook for myself and others, and truly enjoy it. I think half the reason why I find it so relaxing is because I love to eat […]

Perfect Penny Grilled Pizzas

Gals… I am not a trained chef, but I love to cook. And, when you want to make something fantastic, you don’t need a lot of experience, you just need a willingness to learn, some patience, CONFIDENCE, and the desire to make people feel the love in your food. Preparing a great dish is easy […]

Sizzle Your Summer Night for $25!

Gals, it’s about to get HOT! We’re talking a breakdown of sizzling deals to quench your thirst for P4P items that will make you look and feel like the prettiest penny hostess in the land! lol Being part of Project Fab, a blogger program through Marshalls, I was given a $25 gift card! Exciting stuff […]