Give A Penny: The Hive*

[metaslider id=8953] When you’re working hard trying to make your dreams come true, and need just a little help, there will be other strong successful women like you who will have your back. I know this because those women have had mine. They rallied behind me at all different times so far in my life, and since Give-A-Penny is […]

“Can I Help You?”

It doesn’t take much to have a moment with someone. A stranger. A person who knows nothing about you but when they look at you with kindness makes you feel like a friend. Makes you feel something. I was standing in line at the Dunkin Donuts around work waiting  behind about 20 kids asking for sugar […]

#GiveAPenny: Zarina

How beautiful is Zarina in her baseball cap!  Standing sweetly by the register at Starbucks, Zarina complimented my H&M dress that’s probably about 3 years old. She made my oldie feel goodie by just being herself and sharing her confidence. A beautiful gal inside and out deserves the shout! Thank you Zarina for being wonderful […]

#GiveAPenny: Zerry

I don’t think anything gets better than fresh coffee, awesome customer service, and a compliment with your crusty bacon, egg, and cheese wake-up wrap from Dunkin Donuts! THANK YOU ZERRY* This awesome dude complimented my outfit and perked up my morning with he’s super down to earth pleasantry and warmth! He was just being himself […]

#GiveAPenny: Jazmin

This pretty young thing and I have a lot in common… We both LOVE shoes, and we both love to compliment other women just because! 🙂 Jazmin, you were such a treat to run into at Nordstrom Rack and I’m so lucky to have met you and to have felt your youthful energy fill me […]

#GiveAPenny: Jennifer

If there’s one thing that tickles my fancy it’s thrift shops and meeting great gal pals! On a recent trip into Glenside, PA to do some digging, I met Jennifer in a consignment shop. She had an air of confidence and a straight shooter attitude that I liked, and she brightly and boldly looked at […]

#GiveAPenny: Kim

  Just when I thought the beautiful Crudo pizza, wine, atmosphere and gelato at Vetri Pizzeria couldn’t get any better… I met Kim. Kim wasn’t my server, but just a cool gal who worked there too who made her way over to me. She just wanted to chat it up about my outfit and since […]

#GiveAPenny: Crystal

Crystal was just so gosh darn cute I couldn’t even take it! On a quick trip to Auto Zone to pick up some new windshield wipers, this breath of fresh air came through the door like a draft under a window and took me by surprise! She was sweet, pleasant, funny, upbeat, and heated my […]

GiveAPenny: Amanda

A quick compliment on my green snakeskin heels at work, and we were giggling and happy to share our love of shoes. Amanda, your smile, sweet tone, and fabulous taste for shoes made your compliment feel rich in a bond that only shoe lovers could understand! Thank you for your compliment, thank you for just […]

#GiveAPenny: Amanda

  Just a simple smile and compliment, Amanda came out to compliment my boots. She was sincere, sweet, and just nice. It’s not everyday you met a nice person, so when you do say thanks and introduce yourself. We did, and we both left feeling a little better about our world. She did that. Amanda […]

#GiveAPenny: Valerie

  All it took was a brief compliment of my outfit to get us two chatting and smiling at a recent fashion show in Philadelphia. Valerie was sweet, warm, and simple lovely. The coolest part of our encounter however, was how the chaos of the Fashion Show calmed over a single compliment, and brought us […]

#GiveAPenny: Laci

  A trip through the express lane at Whole Foods is where I met Laci. You could tell she was a total pro at her job, because of her ability to do so with a smile and warm demeanor even in a hurry. I appreciated that. I appreciated that she took her time making me […]

#GiveAPenny: Tina & Lindsey

  I was on the train. It was quiet, so quiet you could hear a pin drop! In this case it was a ring. One of these Gal Pals dropped her ring under my seat, and as I went down to pick it up, one of the girls complimented my shoes. We all laughed. Gals, […]

#GiveAPenny: Beverly, Gwynne, and Kelly

These three Gals put their hearts in the forefront as they manned the registration table at the CBS Breast Cancer Light the Night Party just a few days ago in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s pretty cool. Basically the entire city of Philadelphia, at night, the skyline turns pink. It’s a special ceremony, […]

#GiveAPenny: Janice

I didn’t think it was possible to be any happier shopping at Greene St. Consignment in Manyunk, PA… that is until I was stopped by Janice as she complimented my outfit. Cutest little bugger ever! Janice was so sweet and genuine, she even made sure she left me with some motherly advice, “don’t forget to […]

#GiveAPenny: Jess

Sometimes using the self-check out lanes at a Supermarket can be pretty frustrating. Just when you need to do a little swipe, pay, and dash, all of a sudden an item won’t swipe. That 5 minutes just turned into the 15 you thought you were saving by jumping in this line! Any who, I had […]

#GiveAPenny: Kaylee

I sat down to have a great meal of wood fired pizzas and vino after work with a good gal pal of mine. Just thought of it really as a time to wind down and take a moment to not think about the stressfulness of the week and have a good meal with a friend, […]

#GiveAPenny: Tara

Meeting Tara as soon as I walked through the doors of Ross, supercharged the beginning of my shopping trip with a dash of sweetness. She complement my dress and makeup, and as we chatted for a bit more, I could tell why she was placed from one store to another for a few months, because […]

#GiveAPenny: Sandy

  Sandy, you sure are cute. While walking towards the check out at Whole Foods, Sandy stopped me and politely suggested for me to jump ahead of her since I only had a muffin. I thanked her for her thoughtfulness and proceeded to the register. But being drawn to one another, we couldn’t help but […]

#GiveAPenny: Aima

I was greeted by this lovely, Aima, with a compliment on my denim shorts. Her smile, her way, and her tone were simply serene yet with a purpose. Giving a compliment came easy to her, and felt natural. She meant it. Gal Pal, your sense of self showed through your compliment… you’re content with your […]