Gift Yourself: Organization

Looking to organize all those necklaces and bracelets you’ve gifted yourself from over the years? Well this month at Polished for Pennies, we’re celebrating EVERYDAY YOUR BIRTHDAY, and we think a fantastic and affordable present to gift yourself is a little organization! We love the idea of storing our dainty dangles and big baubles in […]


So you’re on the beach, being your usually smoking hot self, and something’s missing. Ah! yes… your theme music! Well, no worries gals! We’ve got the perfectly polished item to have hanging out with you on your beach blanket to get you swaying to the sounds of your favorite station or song! Check out this […]

$4 Nail Art!

Man, I’ve really been finding some deals online, and I must say… these nail stickers POPPED! The perfectly polished $4 solution from H&M for traveling in style when you’re low on doe and the last thing you want to pay for is a mani! DIY NAIL ART STICKERS to the rescue! Funny story, I bumped into […]

Go Organic*

Looking for a  hair-do that has movement, character, and style that’s all your own? Well… that’s what we’re saying! Go organic, go natural, and go you this June In Bloom! Follow the flow of your hair’s natural texture and see what you end up with! With a few bobby pins, a spritz of spray, and […]

Necklaces in Your Hair?

So headbands, hair jewelry, and head dresses can be seen from Coachella to down the isle… and we say, why not save yourself the cash flow of that brand new bling, and see what sings in your own jewelry box!! That’s right Gals, in our June In Bloom photo shoot, we were scouring our accessories […]

Petal Colored Puckers for $25

At P4P, we know that when we’re on the go and are looking to POP, as far as cosmetics… what we invest our pennies into better be portable, they better be quick, they better be pretty, and they better make us feel like a movie star! There’s no better product, in my opinion, where you can get convenience, […]

Sun Kissed Palette*

OBSESSION ALERT* It was a trip to Forever 21 where, oh so perfectly, neon Malibu May inspired palm trees graced the cover of an eye palette that POPPED off of one of their display tables! Gals, ever since we spotted this beautiful set of powdered shadows, PolishedV has literally been using it EVERYDAY since! Seriously! In […]

A POP to Your Pony*

So adorable! So recently I was checking out at Marshalls, and of course you’re always allowing your eyes to wander around the things they have displayed by their registers… those tricksters 😉 Well, needless to say, my wandering eyes spotted the cutest little do dads ever! These embellished hair ties! I’ve got to admit, I’m […]

Gal Pal Review: Clinique Cleansing Balm*

Written by: Christina Pagano   As a full-coverage foundation wearing, liquid-eyeliner obsessed, acne prone gal, getting ready for bed is the most tedious part of the day. Cleaning off this much makeup requires eye makeup remover, face wash, and cleansing pads to remove all remnant of the day’s beauty. This time commitment really made me […]

Matte Orchid Lips*

Matte. Velvet. Cream…. we’ve been gushing over the cheap chicness of Forever21’s lipsticks and PolishedN came home with one the other day… it’s DIVINE! Looking for the perfect POP in your pout for pennies? Check out Forever21’s Love and Beauty lipstick in Matte “Hot Pink”! For $3.80, you’re getting a gliding stick of color that […]

Cleopatra. Cozy. Confident.

We are women and I don’t want you to forget that. With being a woman, that takes appreciating your value, knowing that you deserve the pampering you need, and GIVING yourself the time to say “YES” to you and your needs! Giving yourself the chance to feel your own energy and light that maybe you […]

Spray Tan Buzz*

Mix It Up March! Instead of the bed… get sprayed head to toe! With an air of spring BUZZING about, and my need for a nice little tan… it was time for me to get my bronze on at a hot new spot in Philly for a spray tan! And Gals, if you’re nervous about […]

Go Half-sies!

It was so random! I was sitting at the kitchen table looking at my red chipped nails, when it hit me. With all this nail art going around, why not have a bit of fun! Why not mix it up?! So how can I take these chips and make em’ chic! I decided to go […]

24K Oscar Style!

So all of us Gal Pals won’t be strutting the red carpet and elbowing with A-listers at the Oscars on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t grab inspiration from them and go for the gold! Heck, we don’t even have to copy celebrity style either! Why not take a cue from the naked man […]

Feeling Flushed for a Buck!

Man is it awesome to only have a few pennies to spend and actually buy something that makes them stretch! On a recent trip to a dollar store, PolishedV spotted a little tube of pretty in the beauty isle and gave it a whirl during our FlirtyFeb photo shoot! Feast your eyes on the perfect […]

Nothing Flirtier*

    Really, I mean what’s flirtier than a corset? Especially in black? It’s the epitome of a woman who is in control, confident, and feeling like she’s ready for anything. With a nip and a tuck here and there, she’s stacking her confidence and chest in the right direction… UP! For our Flirty Feb […]

Flirty Scents

By: PolishedA (Ashley Lewis) It’s #FlirtyFeb, and that means we are thinking flirty down to the very last detail….so how about a spritz of body spray for that very last flirtatious touch? The best way to go when trying to go cute, sweet, and flirty is to spritz on a little fragrance mist! I recommend […]

The Side Pony Sweetheart*

  What’s flirtier than hair that looks as if you just woke up perfectly polished? We think nothing! Allowing your natural flyaways, natural texture, and natural sass speak through your locks was our inspiration for PolishedN’s sweet side pony from our #flirtyfeb photoshoot! The great thing is, this look is super easy to create and […]

Flirty Confetti Nails

  You want to know one way to instantly  feel womanly and flirty…AND  you can do it on a few shiny pennies… PAINT YOUR NAILS! I’m serious gals! You know what I’m talking about! Don’t be lazy…It’s time to feel that fresh pretty feeling you get that makes you dangle your dainty tips like a […]

Your Eyes Fantastic (Brown)

  Are you a brown eyed girl? A gal that has coffee-colored eyes that wake up passing guy pals 😉 Well then, take a cue from PolishedN this Just Be You January, and brush a bit of orchid shimmer around your lids and under eyes to sparkle your brownie speckles and give your eyes a […]