“So You Had a Bad Day…”

Ya know Gals… every-time I get a little down, or something goes wrong my Dad looks at me and starts singing…”so you had a bad, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around…” Lol It’s funny when I think about this, because each time he sings it, I laugh […]

Look Up. Smile Back.

There were two times this week where I had to stop and stare at the moon. It’s been so full and the sky so clear in Philadelphia this month. The moon has been stellar. Perfect. Round, bright, and the beacon of hope among all the stars carrying the dreams of sky-gazers like me. It’s like […]

A New Way to Look at Grey*

I truly believe that not everything in life is black and white and if it were… or if you believe it is… is that helpful? I’m not saying I’m right, or you are, or she is or he is, but it’s an interesting thought to think about the shades of grey in life that defy […]

A Weird Mix of Prints (In a good way)*

  I was watching a video of Justin Timberlake accepting The Innovator Award at the IHeart Radio Music Awards on Facebook the other day. His acceptance speech was awesome. He talked about weirdness. How weirdness and being weird is nothing but creative and creative people being who they are because they’ve got ideas. How we should never […]

Brand NEW Monthly Theme: “A New April”

Sometimes I think we forget that everyday is a “NEW” day. I’m guilty of this and honestly sometimes we just get caught up in human feelings like doubt or fear, that prevent us from seeing the polished potential through the dusty days. But this “A New April” is here to remind us of the fresh […]

Dear Beautiful Girl,

Oh Dear Beautiful Girl, I pray for you to feel worthy. Worthy of the greatest of things. Of love, of life, and of living. These things exist in great magnitude and they are yours if you allow yourself to feel worthy of them with open arms. I pray for you to rely on the strongest part of […]

Why Not Me?

I saw this quote on Instagram the other day and was like WOW. Out of all the questions that buzz around in our heads, this is one of the most useful questions that we can ask ourselves, and simply we don’t ask ourselves this question enough. As we panic, get anxious, run scared, or feel stopped […]

Why A Coffee Can Be A Catalyst*

     When you want something bad enough all you have to do is ask. When you want something bad enough asking the right people is imperative. When you want something bad enough you have to envision yourself there. When you want something bad enough a coffee can be a catalyst. For every Gal Pal who ever wondered… […]

Fearlessly Pretend*

Gals, we here at Polished for Pennies are just like you. We’re sisters, cousins, friends, daughters, gal pals, and dreamers and if you look through this picture, you’ll see that. Beyond the makeup, stunning art, high pigmented dresses, and fearless model poses, you’ll see there are just two cousins. Two cousins who love just to […]

Fearless February

So here we are. Blessed to be given another day to follow our hearts. Reap the benefits of pulling ourselves together, taking a deep breath, and throwing on that lipstick to go out and give life a try. Again. A try to concur the world. A try to feel victorious at work. A try to […]

Shake It Off*

How hard is this sometimes gals? SERIOUSLY! How hard is it sometimes to look in the face of people causing you discomfort, or unhappiness, or angst and just shake it off. When really at the same time you’re hoping they see your value and visualizing how much you want to flick them in the forehead […]

A Princess*

This may be one of the corniest posts you’ll ever read, and what may be even cornier to some, is that I believe wholeheartedly and most emphatically what I’m about to tell you. All of us are princesses. I know! You’re sitting there as a 20+ year old woman maybe, thinking to yourself, “okay, YAH, […]


I want to tell you something Gals.  It may seem hopeless. It may seem broke. It may seem uneasy. It may feel NOT NORMAL. It may be scary. It may seem endless.  It may be the beginning. It may be the ending. It may be exactly what you need. It may be exactly what you […]

Together We Walk*

Coming from the person who writes “the lifestyle confidence blog”, I’ve got to tell you… there were times this past year where I second guessed myself. I lost a little trust in myself and felt at times, more than I’d like to admit, worried. Can you freaking believe it! I felt out of control. Shocker… […]

Now on ULIVE*

Gals, I can’t even tell you what it means to me to have YOU along side us during this super special time for Polished for Pennies. WE HAVE BEEN MADE INTO A STYLE SERIES ON ULIVE.COM! I know, FREAKING OUT!! It’s all about the fun of fashion for us Gals with an appetite for style and […]

Blushing January

Gals it’s a brand new month of inspiration and we’ve got you covered in softness, elegance, and femininity! Welcome to A Blushing January! To start the year I felt it was important to embrace the beauty of blushing! That’s right, this month we want to bring to life the surge of emotion that keeps us […]

A Golden Wish

   With the warmest heart I give you this Merry red and gold holiday wish… May your pennies always stay polished and your eyes always sparkle bright. May your heart always be treasured by the ones you keep in sight. May you walk through your days happily and proud at everything you have done. May […]

“Can I Help You?”

It doesn’t take much to have a moment with someone. A stranger. A person who knows nothing about you but when they look at you with kindness makes you feel like a friend. Makes you feel something. I was standing in line at the Dunkin Donuts around work waiting  behind about 20 kids asking for sugar […]

A Happy Meal

Clinking glasses, fresh chicken and waffles, and friends with attitudes I share, is how I spent my Sunday this past weekend. I was brunching with a few of my closest Gal Pals, minus one who was sick that day and we missed her dearly, and there was a moment where my heart warmed hotter than the […]