Gather Here with Grateful Hearts

  For you I am thankful: Thank you for inspiring me to dream a little bigger. Thank you for being beautiful, lovely hearts filled with wonder and warmth. Thank you for being here with me on this journey. Thank you for the smiles behind your computer screens. Thank you for when you laughed along with […]

April in Orchid*

  Another month to salivate about! Gal Pals, I’m sure you’ve heard that Pantone’s color of the year is Orchid, and we think that this royal hue is the perfect way to look polished and pretty this month! Whether you’re celebrating this color’s pinkish hues, cooler tones, or bright bursts…it’s all good! When I think […]

The Nest

Tucked away on a small street in Glenside, PA… The Nest is a gem that can’t be ignored. Gals, if there is one thing I love, you know it’s a good thrift shop! I’m what you call a “digger”. I find an immense amount of joy, digging through bins of beautiful bows and ribbons, under […]

*Mix it Up March*

Gals, no more laying around! No more lack-luster, no more hiding the shine, no more sitting back, no more hibernating, no more “NO’S”!! Or If’s, or Doubts, or But’s or COMPLAINING! NO MORE! From this month onward… we’re MIXING THINGS UP! Like the old saying goes, we’re turning our can’ts into cans and dreams into […]

It’s BACK!

January, a month to be dedicated to a “Just Be You” Attitude. AGAIN! That’s it. Just be You. How does one live Polished for Pennies under this theme? … Do whatever the hell you need to do this year, to kick it off with a Confident Start to get yourself to your BEST SELF FOR […]

Decadent December

  Treats: Purchases you make because they delight you. Treats: Small items you selectively buy because you deserve them. Decadent Treats. Investments you pour your pennies into because you love them, they’re luxurious, mouth-watering, and you just can’t do without them. I mean you could, but what’s the fun without them? This month and every […]

Collect Your Thoughts

I’m tired. Thinking, strategizing, itching, panting, moaning, and bitching. I’m tired. Squinting my eyes, and rubbing my forehead don’t work. Thinking doesn’t seem to work. So I went to bed after a bad day and woke up that next morning. But I didn’t get up right away. I laid in bed for about 15 minutes […]

Navajo November

As we get ready to prepare to give thanks in holiday, let us give thanks all month-long to so much of natures majestic, free, and pure inspiration. Feathers, natural stone, silver, natural fibers, wool, leather, and the colors of the sun and sky. We will be weaving it all into “Navajo November”. We are so […]

Red. Enough said.

In high-school I used to wear red nail polish ALL THE TIME, and I always told my friends that I wear it as a reminder of confidence. I still do. In this Sophisticated September, it couldn’t be more fitting to make red THE color of sophistication, confidence, and pure class. And it just so happens, […]

Behind the Scenes of “Sophisticated September”

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our “Sophisticated September” Photoshoot at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. This month we focused on old hollywood glamour with a french twist. All of our clothing in the shoot was under $49.99, including a dress that retails over $1600! We’ll have the break downs coming up, but for […]

PolishedV explains step by step, the process of using Velcro Rollers to get Bounce and Volume without the Expensive Salon Blow Out! It’s a #MakeoverMarch Tip for Looking and Feeling like a Million Bucks on a Few Shiny Pennies! (Source:

Here is a taste of our #MakeoverMarch photo shoot with @CheyenneGil Photography… I shall title this… “Beauty Two Ways”  Kathleen looks exquisite, and for more beautiful images of her transformation check out! Our first looks are up! With a few Polished for Pennies tips and tricks for Hair, Makeup, and Style… Kathleen looks classy, […]

Here is a Behind the Scenes look at The #MakeoverMarch Photo shoot with Polished for Pennies and Cheyenne Gil Photography. All photos can be seen on and! (Source:

Gal Pals it’s almost time! Monday P4P will be featuring a behind the scenes video from our #MakeoverMarch Photoshoot with Cheyenne Gil Photography! Then the rest of your week will be flooded with gorgeous imagery, videos, & lot of tips and tricks to #MakeoverMarch! Have a beautiful weekend!!  This is our Gal Pal Kathleen… A […]