Celtic and Confident at Marshalls*


Confidence isn’t something that’s tangible, it’s something that’s felt, and there’s no better way to feel confident than being Polished for Pennies! That’s right Gals, to shop for what pops, find luxury in well made garments, and garments that fit on a few bucks… that’s shopping confidence! And, you know us by now, our go to spot for shopping confident and feeling exhilarated knowing you’re out smarting the swagger of the elite with big bucks to spend, is heading to Marshalls where you never pay full price for fabulous!

We were stoked about having the opportunity from Marshalls to giveaway a $500 gift card to a deserving Gal Pal reader and we couldn’t have been more thrilled for Gal Pal Shannon to be gifted such a great opportunity! Turns out our winner Shannon, is heading abroad in September for Ireland and she was in need for some new digs to get her feeling confident for her celtic journey! With $500 and PolishedV and C in her shopping arsenal, and of course our Polished Principles, we hit the racks of Marshalls Willow Grove location and made out like beautiful bandits on our budget!


Going over seas and knowing a touch about Ireland’s climate, it was important for us to shop for pieces that were versatile to transition between seasons and temps! So we Shop for What Popped* and found an array of versatile pieces that mimicked Shannon’s boho style and taste for luxury, yet would have longevity during her studies overseas! Many of those pieces were Lucky Brand and beautiful with soft textures and an easy feel, just as Shannon requested. But of course, they were more than 50% cheaper than their retail! SCORE!

We also tried to play in a certain neutral color scheme with only doses of POP, that way a lot of what Shannon brings to Ireland can play well together and have her fitting right in looking fancy for the long haul! We played with beautiful trimmed printed scarves by Lucky Brand  and Michael Kors, Cynthia Rowley cotton dresses, and a few staple t’s and jean button ups for layering!


And when I say taste for luxury, let’s just say that Shannon used almost half of her gift card on a BIG treat! A $200 and some change Micheal Kors leather bag! We say why not gift yourself! And when you can go to Marshalls and can get that bag for more than half it’s retail… forgetta bout it, which we did! She’s got great taste and course she went for the biggest bag she could find! Our kind of Gal!


Oh and here’s another something to think about too… for the retail of that Michael Kors bag, which was $498.00 we scored all of this! Making our retail roundup over $1000 in merchandise for just under $500!!



In short, you don’t need to pay full price for luxury… feel confident that Marshalls won’t have you biting your nails at the register 😉

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