Choose to be creative. Choose art. Choose fun. Choose reinvention.

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Creativity is a choice. It’s not something you just have, or have to work towards, it’s a way of looking at things. It’s a spark of genius through a clear, positive mind. We all have the ability to look at something with fresh eyes and reinvention, and this Artsy August is the perfect time to choose creativity and potential instead of choosing to play it safe and in the box. That’s exactly how I chose to look at this super cool necklace I scooped up at Macy’s for under $25!

Did you see what I did with it by the photos above? Sure I can wear it as is around the neck, or maybe I can wear it backwards and have that super fun fringe drip down the back of my neck with a super sweet updo! Or how about I get even more creative and wear it as a headband? That’s already two creative ways I looked at one necklace. Who says that everything has to be what it is… why not look at things for what they can be! HECK, I could take this bugger and layer it with another necklace to create my own avant garde neck piece… so my creative Gal Pals out there… Make the choice.

Choose to be creative. Choose art. Choose fun. Choose reinvention.

Dare to be different  and follow your creative juices.

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