City Fringe POP*

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Who would have thunk a top with this much life and personality… AND POP would only cost $24.99? This super sweet sweater from Marshalls was full of POP so it had to be grabbed off the rack! Being that it was so different and how much I love making a style statement, I wanted to show you two ways to wear it! It’s part of my fall Project Fab challenge from Marshalls! So what you’ll find over the next few days are two looks using one sweater! Something for the city gal and a little somethin’ for the country gal! So without further a do, here’s the breakdown behind the brilliance of this City Pop of Fringe*

Needless to say I was surprised to flip over the tag and find this sweater to be so cheap! Because of the quality that this sweater packed, it kind of had me feeling that maybe I wouldn’t be so lucky in the price department! But SURPRISE! Marshalls strikes again at keeping me Polished for Pennies!

In addition to this great fringe cozy sweater, to add some city edge I paired it with a faux leather pair of joggers also from Marshalls at $24.99… I know… they are ridiculous! Perfectly lush and lux, my pants are versatile enough for day or night and can class up any sweater by adding another rich texture in the mix! Love it ! POP! My Brian Atwood lace heels were also brought out of the box to accent the cream and black in my sweater! And, really I wanted to feel like a star, so even on the Philly cobblestone I will break out my best heels if it brings out my confidence! Which it did!

OH! And I can’t forget to mention my $14 sunnies from Retrospect Vintage!

All and all this rich look is perfect for a City slicker who likes to wear her money, but fools everyone because she’s a smart saavy shopper who’s style is P4P!!

Keep you’re eye right here on the blog… we’ll be getting a little country soon!



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