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We are women and I don’t want you to forget that. With being a woman, that takes appreciating your value, knowing that you deserve the pampering you need, and GIVING yourself the time to say “YES” to you and your needs! Giving yourself the chance to feel your own energy and light that maybe you don’t feel is as bright right now. Well, that comes by giving yourself some time to enjoy the things you love to do and saying yes to doing something for yourself. For me, I love to surround myself with beautiful clothes, kick back on my bed, read a magazine, try on my new favorite lipsticks, write, and slip into something that makes me feel cozy and loved while I indulge in “me” time. I also love, even when lounging to be adorned in designer goods to feel their luxury, yet feel smarter and wiser knowing I can buy luxury for pennies!

With that said, just because the chill is closely moving out of the air, that doesn’t mean that we still don’t want to feel the hug of soft and warm fabrics. When I lounge, I still like to feel pretty. Sometimes I leave my makeup on from work because I just like the glamour of it even in sweats… personal preference 😉 But for me, slipping into a cute pair of designer lounge pants and the right slouchy tee is everything! I found these incredibly soft and velvety Tahari printed and pastel lounge pants for $12.99 at Marshalls, along with the dusty rose American Eagle tee for $4.99! The lounge pants also have the cutest ruffle detail at the drawstring, and really that cuteness just POPPED off the rack! So girly and necessary.

*I love how you can find Luxury at Marshalls for pennies, because for some of us gals that’s all we have… and they’ve got you covered! Confident, that a few small treats can end up treating your inner Cleopatra for pennies.

And Gal Pal… you deserve it. So for all the times you say “No” to you… next time, say “Yes”! A few minutes won’t kill anyone, but no time for you could end up dimming your light a bit 🙂

Feel pretty. Feel confident. Because you should.


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