Remember When I had a Coffee & a “Come to Jesus” Conversation with Jack


Please enjoy this story from way back when…

If there is one thing to remember in this life, and as you read this blog, it’s how special you are and that we always should celebrate that not only for ourselves but for others. If I can quote The Help,

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

And here, all that translates to is, You are P4P and we believe in you here. Share the feeling.  (*I have changed the names in this story)

I was fortunate to be laid off a few weeks ago to have some extra time to get lost in downtown Philly. I love wandering the streets and popping into boutiques and stores for inspiration. After some time, I found myself in some places I couldn’t afford so after window shopping, I finally made my way into a quaint coffee shop for an afternoon indulgence. Keep in mind, if I wasn’t laid off I wouldn’t have met him.

Him, being Jack.

Two strangers sat next to each other through the window of a Rittenhouse coffee shop, that was Jack and I. One typing on a laptop, me… and the other writing in a composition book, Jack. In retrospect, it was two writers sitting next to each other in that coffee shop, with more in common than what would guess because we were generations apart.

After an unexpected compliment from Jack about my Lucky Peace Sign watch, which he thought was “cool”… Fate opened it’s doors to a pleasant, human, compassionate, conversation about the reason why we are here, why strangers meet, and how other people can make a difference in a persons life… even if it’s someone you don’t know.

Jack wanted to write, but he didn’t know where to start. He talked about how some people don’t really see in you, what you see in yourself. “Some people don’t have nice things to say.” Sometimes even friends or family, don’t build up the confidence you need to allow your talents to EXPLODE. I got that, I understood. I listened to him.

But the writings in his book told me he was a writer, but maybe he was holding back? Maybe over thinking? Maybe, listening too much to others and wasn’t following where his feelings were leading him, except to the coffee shop where he felt he could release his art and be himself. A scary feeling… to feel different. To feel. To feel your talent aching to come out in an environment that may not be so accepting. To feel something guiding you into the unknown, but at the same time it feels natural. It feels right.

So how did the conversation end? Well, after listening to one another and taking in such a strong energy of purpose, we both just simply thanked each other and truly meant it. We felt grateful. We both even said we met for a reason and sort of laughed about it. He thanked me, for seeing what he saw in himself…reminding him, he’s something special, something important, something smart. TALENTED. Maybe he really just needed someone to listen and believe in him because he WANTED TO BELIEVE IN HIMSELF. And I thanked him for just being himself, an inspiration, and a reminder that we Gal Pals have a gentle message of kindness to send out. You feel good when you treat others good. You feel good when you feel like your helping someone. When you lift someone up you feel better and that you can make others feel good, when you feel good about yourself.

I sort of hate myself for not taking his photo and putting him in our “#GiveAPenny” feature, but, in a way I’m glad. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but not this time. A memory holds more value than anything.

Good Luck Jack 😉

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