Color Mixing? Why NOT!


Gals, there is no better way to boost your mood than to think of spring/summer and throw on a COLOR!! YES… A COLOR!!

We found this gorgeous dress  at “The Nest”. It’s a vintage number, that has major Zipfactor, a color combo of electric blue and purple to lush over, and can be switched and swapped with a few different colors and accessories to get you humming a sweet ol’ tune of STYLE!

Ok,  so let’s add a bright orange J. Crew cardigan for some fun! Blue and orange can crush it in the color department! It’s a little preppy, elegant, yet simple and bold!

Now, why not add a rhinestone broach?


Done! Mom mom’s vintage blue crystal crusted broach is the perfect accompaniment to add the juice to this outfit, and that unexpected burst of interesting to catch the eye… but not over do it!


Or we could lose that too! AND ditch the flower in your hair!

DSC_1105 DSC_1107

Now let’s sweep up a pony, and think even more simple. Minimal, yet poignant, and polished.

DSC_1114 DSC_1124DSC_1132

Isn’t it soo much fun to play around with color? And then the possibilities of how to accentuate it? Customize it? Blend it? Brighten it? Style it?

Gals you have the power!! So start Mixing up that Mind with color combos in your own closet and tell us about it! Instagram your outfit’s color mix with the hashtag #mixitupmarch! We’d love to share you on our page! You can follow us @polishedforpennies

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