Do what you want to feel Fabulous!

So this is my first blog entry, and I thought it would be important to kick if off with some attitude! I was going to wait until it got a little closer to my birthday for my first “Penny for Thought” but today I was inspired! How or by what you may ask?…Well, I was inspired by the fact that I can be a complete dork sometimes (which is priceless), but atleast I’m happy, I own it, and I still feel like a million bucks! 

Today, I posted a facebook picture of my morning activities which included drinking a cup of homemade coffee with my homemade breakfast (saved the change on Dunkin, I BLOW so much money there i’ll admitt it, and I still don’t love it any less), while channeling my past with my hands covered in dough and flour from a cookie recipie my Mommom taught me (again invaluable), and (not a shameless plug but the truth) finally streaming Live! to Tango Traffic.

These may not sound like the coolest activities, maybe activites that you may not expect from someone professing a “polished lifestyle”, but to me acknowledging these sweet moments of real character and owning them is as polished as you can be! That is what I want people to walk away with when they read this blog. Feeling and being Polished is free, it only costs you some confidence and creativity and as long as you don’t skimp on those two things your Golden! Your worth more than a pretty penny, I hope you all know that! So go out or stay in and do the little things that make you happy, your only as polished and confident as you think you are, so get out there and shine yourself up!*

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