Don’t Stop Until You Spot the Dot*

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So I’m going to start off by saying that these Charles Jourdan strappy “Leather Madge High Heel Sandals” are $100 from TJMaxx. Well, actually $99.99. And right now you’re probably like, PolishedV seriously? These shoes are 100 bucks and you talk about the fact that you’re Polished for Pennies! …I know, it sounds crazy, but one of the purposes of Polished for Pennies is to get you shopping better, SMARTER! So here’s what I’m saying, nothing, no designer, no budget, no coin squeeze should ever make you feel like designer items can’t be found for pennies, or atleast can not be yours. The way you get smart is by recognizing designers and maybe peeping them out elsewhere for the best deal. 

Drumroll… The retail of these Charles Jourdan Mix it Up March beauties are $175! All real leather, as indicated on the bottom sole. Beautifully constructed and pop for spring with a few fierce dots! But I didn’t settle for the $99 price tag at even TJ Maxx… I hit up google for ya, and went straight to Amazon.com and found them for $52.50 and FREE SHIPPING!

Now that’s P4P! We slashed the price by more then 50%! So you can feel confident rocking your DESIGNER PENNY PURCHASE, because your smart and have great shoes! 😉

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