Double the Decadence

This holiday season we’re  envisioning countless ladies dancing as they dazzle in double doses of decadence!

Here’s a cool idea for your next cocktail holiday party that will have you feeling “Heavy in Luxury” and dripping in confidence. Find two necklaces of the same metal: silver and silver, gold and gold, brass and brass… then double them up! The idea is to layer for interest. In the necklace set below, we took a vintage brass necklace with honey colored stones and paired it with a multi-brass chained number that played as a great anchor in this look. Your first necklace, the one underneath, should be one that can play in the background. While your second, top necklace, should play as the focal point.

Another interesting thought, the necklace on top is vintage and the bottom necklace we bought at a department store, so it’s super cool and inventive to play up old and new!

By playing in necklace pairings, it’s easy to re-visit necklaces in the bottom of the jewelry box, break em’ out, and put them to good use! It’s also a Polished for Pennies way to work with what you have, so you don’t have to buy something new to dazzle.

Let your creativity and charisma shine as you double your decadence this December. Trust me, your double dose of decadence will serve as a great conversation piece for holiday hob-nobbing.



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