Even Sporty-er Starlet*


I don’t know Gals… As much as I love to doll up, I’ve been diggin’ the athletic trend that’s been happening right now. Probably because prior to getting caught up in girly style, I dressed like a tomboy during my adolescence. Seriously. Baggy pants, Nautica jackets, high-top “Princess” Reebok’s and the list goes on and on! GAH! lol I loved it at the time though, but now the time has come to polish up my sporty style with a few interesting touches that maybe you and I have never thought of.

LIKE FUZZY SLIPPERS!! How sweet are those Kenneth Cole slides for a twisted, stylish, and sporty touch that packed with comfort and cuteness! At $34.99 these slip on sneaks are super Polished for Pennies from Marshalls and an investment that can be worn on and off the court!

*Sidenote: Incorporating some boyish charm without lacking chicness, I threw on an AIKO structured sweat shirt (which retails at $230.00 and I fabfound it for $49.99)  HELLO DEAL! Even though it’s fitted, the color blocking and zippers add a little more edge to your street style!

Metallic Michael Kors Jeans: Borrowed from PolishedN 😉

Hugo Boss Sunglasses: $19.99 Marshalls

Kelsi Dagger Silver Shoulder Bag: $29.99 (Retail $130.00 TJ Maxx)


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