Fearlessly Pretend*

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Gals, we here at Polished for Pennies are just like you. We’re sisters, cousins, friends, daughters, gal pals, and dreamers and if you look through this picture, you’ll see that. Beyond the makeup, stunning art, high pigmented dresses, and fearless model poses, you’ll see there are just two cousins. Two cousins who love just to be together. Two cousins who could barely be serious trying to be serious. Two cousins who love to have fun together. Love to laugh. Love to play. Love to still be the little girls who play dress up, and more importantly love to fearlessly pretend. And why not?

No, we’re not on the pages of Vogue. But we create something in it’s likeness. Nope, we’re not wearing couture and our riches may have been someone elses’ rags but could you tell? Can you tell that there are two cousins here or are they the models ripped out of the pages of high fashion magazines? We say, who could ever tell?! If you fearlessly pretend, you can be anything. And it’s not about what other’s believe anyway. It’s about what you believe.

I’m not telling you to be someone you’re not. I’m not telling you to be anything but the lovable, colorful person you are. What I am telling you is that you can be anything you want and that process starts with fearlessly pretending. Just by infusing life with love, spirit, and imagination you can do anything. Isn’t that what pretending is? Giving life to a dream?

So I challenge you to fearlessly pretend to be anything you want to be this month and every. And make sure who ever your bring along for the ride, is lovable, supportive, and like family. You’ll need them. Just like I would have never been able to bring to life the imagination of what Fearless February could be with these two Gal Pals.

Have an awesome day Gals! -V


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