Feeling LUSH & LUX in Layers

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Time to celebrate the seasonal frosty swoosh in the air with warm layers! By layering a few different patterns and textures, you can achieve a playful look that’s forward thinking when it comes to cold weather fashion!

Here, I chose a few pieces from Marshalls to keep me cozy and chic! All FAUX, let’s start with the faux suede shift dress for $19.99! In a beautiful soft brown it was the perfect piece to layer under my double sided faux vest for $29.99 and wool plaid wrap for $19.99! It’s a sophisticated surprise you can bring to the season while not breaking the bank! And it’s functional and WARM! Hello! Who says bundling up has to be boring! Take a chance be confident and ROCK THOSE WRAPS WITH GUSTO to tackle those GUSTS OF WIND!

Also did I mention that a wrap for $19.99 at Marshalls makes GREAT Polished for Pennies GIFT OPTION!! HELLLO!

Are you inspired to layer your next look? Have fun with it! And think outside of the box! If you’re still stuck… no worries… we’ve got another Polished Gal Pal who’s tackling the dark side in shades of black and faux leather to love! Does she look familiar? 😉


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