Flying for Fringe*

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Allowing an outfit to have style has a lot to do with letting style speak through the pieces you select. For example, we’re flying high right now for fringe and the great thing about this texture is that is has a voice. It has inspiration!

When you think of fringe, you might think of a free-spirit. You might think of movement. You might think of summer sun, bare feet, and daisies… but isn’t that awesome how one texture inspires all of those images. Feelings. Daydreams!  Now use that when you’re putting your outfit together. *Use that image of what a style feels like and try to bring it to life! Shop for it by allowing those feelings of easy breezy to POP off the racks, or even out of your closet. Sometimes without inspiration you don’t notice things, so by using tip, things might start to catch your eye that maybe before you looked over.

By feeling and being inspired, your style will feel and be inspired, and by that… people will notice. People will feel your vibe and catch what you’re throwing at them! But most importantly, you’ll be feeling yourself and feeling high on some much needed and necessary self confidence!

You can dress yourself great, you can shop better, you can, you can, you can, you can… so try it!

Here are a few P4P approved selections that might help get the juices flowing for a spring inspired look wearing fringe! Including items from Modcloth.com, express.com, 2020ave.com, forever21.com, and TopShop.com!

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