Flying High for a High Waisted

Tori 800 2 peice


The nostalgic vintage flare of this Marc Jacobs suit, makes beaching look classic again. You’re covered up but with a playful edge. Sweet but not timid, and sexy yet sophisticated. That’s the beauty of a high-waisted swim suit!

You’ll see so many floating around these days, and we’re happy they’re making a comeback! I (PolishedV) personally LOVE those old school style swimsuits and feel they are something to be embraced this summer. We dove into the racks at Marshalls and this suit POPPED with vibrancy and a beautiful print. Just by those two eye-popping qualities you knew it was something special. When I picked it up, to my surprise it was the high-waisted suit I’d been wanting to try and I’m glad I did! And an originally priced suit of $150 to $39.99 on clearance… YOU BETTER TRY IT ON!

Now, just like you’re thinking, maybe they’re not for you? But Gals, I thought that too until I tried it on. One of the biggest hurdles you have to jump over when trying on a high-waisted suit is that you will notice your thighs. I did, but at that moment, I took a cue from miss Marilyn Monroe and asked myself, what we she do?  And it was then I decided to buy it, because it was cute, I loved it, and I wanted to embrace myself, my curves, and take a chance!

What did I learn? Retro is the way to go! How about this swim combo from H&M to get you even more in the mood for less that $20! Atleast it’s worth a whirl at that price!hmprod 4.95$4.95 for the top

Highwaisted Bottoms$9.95 for the bottoms


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