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From School to Work… Transition Therapy… We got you!

When Mollie hit the streets of Drexel’s Campus chatting with Gal Pals on their concerns for Looking, Feeling, and Living like a Million Bucks on Pennies… MANY of those Gal Pals expressed their dilemma of looking cute for class, but then cute enough to head to the office! Don’t worry my dears, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

Gal Pals, I get ya! I worked all the while being a full-time student at LaSalle, and not to mention, my job as a receptionist for KYW 1060 Newsradio called for me to look presentable! I was the “Director of First Impressions” FOR PETE’S SAKE! I always loved that over-dramatized title lol… I put that on my LinkedIn Profile once 😉 hahah

Anywho, I like to think I narrowed down an easy way to go from school to the office, and I’ve used none other than PolishedN, my little baby sister, to show off how I would rock it out at class, and then hit the clear glass doors to boardroom of the DUB!

It’s Possible?!


Why YES COLIE it is!

To School:

Comfort, comfort, comfort! NO, wait it minute, I don’t mean sweatpants, Adidas flip flops, Uggs, or jammer pants! Think comfortable and Polished for Pennies! In this outfit we went with a base of a cute Button-up shirt (TJ Maxx 12.99), a unique pair of tights ($5.99), & suede relaxed shorts (TJ Maxx $29.99). All pieces that can be office appropriate. That is of course how you start.

  • Start first thinking work, then dress down a little more for school.

Therefore, after our base, we added a soft knit poncho, some combat boots for hiking from class to class, and a great bubble coat that’s a basic for winter! There you have it! Flat shoes, soft fabrics for cuddling up to your noon latte, or 3 hour cramming session in the library, and then BAM BOOM POW… OUT THE DOOR, but still setup for your superwoman transformation!





To Work… you’ll have to tune in tomorrow for that 😉 Colie has some reading to do lol


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