Gal Pal Guest Post! PolishedS Tries Something New to TOP* Off the New Year*

Hey Gal Pals!

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. I am P4P’s newest polished intern, PolishedS. I assist PolishedV in any Polished for Pennies way I can and while doing so she introduces me to fashion investments I would never think to try myself AKA This. Hat.

I have never, not once, stepped foot into a hat store until I started working with PolishedV, and I am sure glad I did. Being a “hat virgin” as I admitted to Vittoria, the thought of wearing hats has been one that would need some convincing. It’s a thought that would force me to leave my comfort zone, but once Vittoria let it rest on my head during one of our meetings, I became at one with it. Realizing that the right hat on this head wouldn’t take as much arm twisting as I thought.

Confidence is the key to rocking any statement piece and once I felt at one with this $35 Goorin Bros. black floppy hat, there was no taking it off. Compare this feeling to wearing a pair of high heels. Those extra fews inches give you more of a sense of fearlessness and poise than just wearing flats. Your new height encourages you to cock your chin and strut your stuff down the runway, even if that catwalk is just a cement sidewalk. I took this excitement to the snowy pasture as pictured above.  But wait, there’s more. What would a statement piece be without its own statement piece?! This look was topped (literally) with a gold Goorin Bros. feather priced at $8 that brings the POP to this jet black hat.

Keeping my Polished for Pennies eyes sharp, I spotted this hat at 50% off, which was my first excuse to invest in such a head accessory. Since this was my first hat endeavor, I decided with a classic black to be able to match with multiple outfits to get more for my buck. Speaking of investments, I should point out my puffy coat as one that all should have. For Philadelphia locals, our winters can get brutal. For college students like myself, some professors never want to cancel class regardless of the weather and I need to get to class in a snowstorm, I need something that will get me there warm and dry. Plus, having a monotone jacket gives me the opportunity to play with different scarf, hat and boot options to change up my look every day!

My roommates and I actually refer to these puffy, longer winter jackets as “big girl coats.” It seems silly but it’s true. As I make the transition from college gal to working woman over the next few months, this Larry Levine jacket gives me the sense of “I know what I’m doing and where I’m going” while serving its original purpose: keeping me warm.  To pump up it’s POP appeal, this cheetah scarf is definitely my favorite winter accessory. I found it years ago in a small store on South Street for $10 and it is one the few things I look forward to during the colder months.

My final investment, I learned the hard way. A reliable pair of snow boots (imagine me sliding down Broad Street in the snow). But ‘reliable’ doesn’t always have to mean ‘plain.’ It’s winter and fur is in season! Fur has a dual purpose of representing luxury and warmth, two things I am a big fan of in the middle of January. These Bare Traps Snow Boots were under $80 and are actually a few years old. A pair of any kind of boot that can last longer than the season you purchased is an investment in itself, and if they’ve got style and flare then that’s just a bonus!

Three things you should take away from this look are 1. DO NOT be afraid to try different fashion accessories because you may end up liking (obsessing with) them! 2. “Big girl coats” can do way more than just keeping you warm. 3. Slipping in the snow is a definite confidence killer. Your feet need some trustworthy vehicles to get from place to place in the wintery weather. Do you see a pattern here? I’m a college student who likes to spend her money on investments. I see these as the foundation of confidence because when you look good you feel better.


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