Get *Pinned…

How many times have you looked at your accessories and wished for something new to POP OUT to add that necessary sizzle to your outfit? I’ve done it many times. Running my eyes over every piece, wishing a hidden gem would peek it’s way out so I could save myself from buying ANOTHER piece of jewelry! Not that I love shopping for more jewelry 😉 … But anywho, there always seems to come a time when my bank account is low and I need to get creative with what I already have, and yesterday I had one of those moments. ( Who am I kidding, it’s practically everyday haha)

As I was getting ready for work, I wanted to throw on a “New” piece of jewelry to go with a dress I had already worn before. My guideline is: “if I wear something twice, I better make it look like I’m wearing it for the first time,” and switching up the gems is the best way to do it. But unfortunately time wasn’t on my side and neither was my pocketbook, so I began to re-scan my options. My eyes were first drawn to a necklace that is one of my favorites. It’s a gold linked necklace, with hidden rhinestones closest to the collar and is dripping with soft candlelight pearls. (I got it on clearance at Banana Republic for under $20. I find it important to rarely buy costume over that price otherwise your getting ripped off. I feel the same with faux leather bags… FYI lol) I then began to re-imagine it. It needed something to make it look new again. Fortunately, the jewelry/shopping bug runs in my family, (or unfortunately depending on the situation) and I am lucky enough to own a few of both of my grandmothers vintage costume pieces. Most importantly, a couple of pins that seem to always do the trick when I need to add a little spice to my style. That is exactly what solved my dress dilemma yesterday. 

Pins are a very inexpensive way to doctor up jewelry, handbags, and other accessories without breaking the bank but look totally killer! You can use them on chains as charms, headbands, bracelets, and even bobby pins! They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and are a great way to play with fashion and wear something that reflects a certain time period. Speaking of, thrift stores are an AWESOME place to pick up pins and they are usually priced around $1.00!! The silver butterfly below is a thrift find and I paid .25!! One important note is that when selecting a pin whether for material, metal, or even your hair… make sure the fastener in the back of it is fairly sturdy and clasps strongly. With some thinner pins you run the risk of it popping undone. Not cool. Here are a few pictures of my ideas that can add that WOW factor to any outfit, and polish* you brand new! The one pictured above is a shot of me wearing my favorite gold necklace which is adorned by my Mommom’s floral pin 🙂




  I don’t feel like I’m missing out out the crown jewels! 

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