Gift Yourself: An Iphone Case


Sometimes it’s just those little things. Those very little things, treats, that we need to feel good. Items and things that are merely bought for a few shiny pennies, but shine up our mood and keep us excited and polished! This everyday your birthday I found the coolest designer Iphone case at Homegoods! It’s a Jordan Carlyle Coat of Color case that retails for about $35 and I Shopped for What Popped at Homegoods and got it for $5! Sure, it just a phone case, but this Everyday Your Birthday it made me feel celebrated. With all the colors, the movement, the art it showed me a little light in the world and now I can carry it with me wherever I go!

$5 for something that can brighten your day? Do it. Treat yourself. Doing things for you that are about you and what YOU like is important. You matter, and the smallest ways you appreciate you is a gift in itself!



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