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I’ve been dying to photograph this dress for so long! It’s a vintage beauty, being rocked by PolsihedC, that I picked up at JOMAR where they had a few “Estate Sale” racks. HOLY MOLY HEAVEN! Now, here’s what I love about vintage… The percentage of another person walking around in the same piece of vintage is VERY slim! I have a love affair with being original and vintage IS just that most of the time. Usually vintage gets people thinking too..

“Where’d you get that?”

“Wow, I’ve never seen something like that before”

“Cool, that’s so different!”

“Holy crap that’s vintage??”

Man I love it… and I also love that back in the day many more women used to hand make their own clothes and custom was a lot more predominant. So you’ll find custom details that are sewn from love. You’ll even find some vintage pieces where the insides have sewn labels with a seamstresses’ name or even the person it was sewed for. Personalization… Super cool! That’s like when guys get their initials monogrammed on the cuffs of their dress shirts, it’s a cool detail that I can appreciate and why not!

Not to take away from some of the beautiful things found in bulk or mass produced, because of course I love a lot of that too. Vintage just hits a sweet spot with me and when it comes to this golden encrusted dress… swoon!

Take a look at the beautiful detail at the collar and wrists. It’s stitched with strong metallic gold thread and rope,  bedazzled with iridescent glass rhinestones, nothing plastic here! Except for a few accent beads, and it’s sewn with delicate sheers and silk that’s pretty outrageous. Paired with simple rhinestone jewelry is a perfectly Polished for Pennies look. Did I mention the dress was less than $30.

Let’s just say that for Gold Dipped December… you may want to dip your toe in the vintage pool!

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