*Goldie Locks

Since yesterday, I’m all pumped up now about my beauty must haves, so stay tuned for them to continue for the rest of the week !

Firstly, I want you to know my hair sucks, and if yours does too it’s totally okay, we’re still hot! We just have to know how to work it. I have been dying my hair since FOREVER, and I’ve burnt the crap out of it since the time straighteners became the coolest experiment of sixth grade (the ol’ iron and towel trick was a frequent way to kick off Friday Night). Now to kick off a Friday night, even though I’ve ditched the straightener, I have an addiction to that wildly waved look that calls for another culprit… the curling iron. So to help my hair go from damaged goods to *Polished Perfection; I have three items that keep me *Polished on Pennies and looking like a million bucks! Here’s one to start you off and the others will follow until Friday, just in time for Date Night! (I know the suspense is killing you lol)

Prep: 1. For starters, I use a very inexpensive dry shampoo in between washes, which is the best time to achieve this look. Dry shampoo allows my hair to produce natural oils, preserves my color longer, creates a little more softness, and gives me VOLUME! My favorite Polished for Pennies brand is Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. It comes in an aerosol spray can and I’m telling you it’s amazing! Don’t be afraid of it if you have never used a dry shampoo before. It’s super easy to use, basically like using hair spray, and the directions are seriously “spray and brush through”! How easy is that! But the best part is that it’s freaking $3.99! I’m in! So ditch the lather and save yourself some time and money with this quick and easy way to polish up your mop! 

FYI: It’s also a great product to keep with you at the office if your heading to happy hour or a date to freshen up with, and with the heat we’ve been having lately, a spritz of this will have you feeling golden!

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